More Updates

It’s been a bit since I posted, and for that I apologize. Here’s an update or two on what’s been going on here at the Tiny guild.


Has made it to level 85, and is nearing the 500 mark in tailoring. She can make the Embersilk bags, and I’m now contemplating whether I get her to 500 tailoring and start making bags out of the embersilk I get, or actively pursue 525.   Her enchanting is also moving along at the exact same pace, ironically. I just need to make up some vellum to get some enchants put down on paper.


Is now level 67, and has once again capped her inscription. The levels are coming fast when I take the time to run 7 dungeons in one evening – that night netted 2+ levels, partially thanks to rebuffing during the Fire Festival.


Hasn’t seen a whole lot of play time, since I was pushing so hard to get Oquae leveled via questing, and taking the dungeoning time for Sveala. She did go after Ahune a couple of times; and tends to be the one I take on the Laid Back Raids.   She did pick up the second Darkmoon Faire mount, so my stable will have both of them come Mists.

Oh, and about Ahune – I did decide to go and stretch Gurdrid’s sheild arm a bit, ran into a PuG that went well (after we got rid of the “not” impatient rogue (he left, we didn’t kick him) ) and three of the four wanted to keep running together; but they all needed Ahune (which I’d already done.) I said I’d go, and we picked up another pretty quickly, since it was a DPS slot. The first try didn’t go off, but there were no names called; and the only blaming was people blaming themselves (The hunter and DK both thought they performed suboptimally).   BUT – here’s the thing. We very nearly survived the full third wave. What an awesome healer!  Anyway – giant shoutouts to Kayliandra, Taldrek, Whitemist and Kerugan. Awesome runs, folks.  (Yes, the second run on Ahune and we had him down easily in the second spawn of his crystal.)


Shoryl went on a round of faffing (the new favorite word of WoW bloggers, all thanks to the Godmother) with Sonaira the other day, and all we came away with was some more Gilneas rep.  In case you’re wondering, the Alliance (and, I presume, Horde) racial tabards work in Outland dungeons.

Darkmoon Faire

At the Faire this month, I picked up two of the pets, a few frogs, and, as I mentioned above, the second mount. I didn’t quite get out there as much as I wanted, but I’ve decided that only Gurdrid is heavily pursuing the Faire (i.e, everyone else goes and does their profession monthlies, gets a few coins, which are played into tickets, and then they’re done for the month. Gurdrid goes out and does all of her monthlies, tries to complete the test of strength, and does Dailies whenever she’s there – usually two or three sets.

Laid Back Dungeons

The Laid Back Dungeons seem to have been beset with bad timing. The first couple of weeks, no one was on at the time to give them a start; then I missed Ratter‘s note one week, and last week was shot down by the evil thing called a Job. (More on that in a moment)

This week, however, I plan to be around. We’re thinking about the Icecrown trilogy of dungeons at this point. I may be on a little bit after the 6:00 central planned start time, due to that Job thing.  But I figure you’d probably all like it if I’ve already eaten before we get started. I know Sona would like that.


You won’t be seeing much Mogging from me for a little while, yet – though I do have something in the works for Rosedove (The Dwarven Dungeon Crawl’s tank) around this shield that she quite likes.  The reason for the lack of mogging posts isn’t that I won’t be mogging, just that I’ve joined the contest over at Amateur Azerothian.  I’ve got one set all designed up and the screenshots done; and a few things mulling around in the back of my brain.

The Accountant

One of the good parts about my new position is that I’m learning something new; and I’m once again a contributor to the daily grind. It might sound strange, but I was feeling like my hands were always tied if someone else in my old department didn’t agree with me, so this is refreshing. There’s a down side, though. The new department processes a whole lot of data every day, and two consecutive weekends worth of data got horked up in two completely different ways. On top of that, the first problem happened the week of our Departmental picnic, and the second happened this past week – when we were short a day thanks to us all wanting to sleep in and watch fireworks. So I’ve been putting in overtime to help get us dug back out.    I’m sure you can guess why it is that the blog hasn’t seen much action for a couple of weeks…


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  1. Well dang woman. No wonder you’re tired.

  2. Heya,
    I should be on around 7:30-8:00 EST. Dunno how many dungeons I’ll be staying awake for, but at least one! lol

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