20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 16

This is the 16th installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.  

Things you Miss (Post-Cataclysm)

Missing things in an MMO is something we all do. We all have rose-colored glasses as we look back at our own “glory days”. I don’t miss 40-man raids; or even progression raiding, which I did in Vanilla. I don’t miss being dragged through content other people could clean up on without my help.   Which is funny, because I am more than happy to run other people through low-level dungeons on my toons that can solo them; and I have really enjoyed JD’s Laid Back Raids on both Oquae and Sveala when they were level appropriate.

Remade Zones

The number one thing I miss post-cataclysm is some of the old versions of the remade zones.

Ashenvale. I playAlliance almost exclusively, and the complete devastation of the Night Elves’ area is heart-wrenching. I’d rather have no quests in Stonetalon Mountains or the Barrens than go through Ashenvale again.

I also miss the Defias story line in Westfall. It could have been tweaked slightly near the end to flow into the new dungeon; or better yet, leave the non-heroic Deadmines alone and give us the new story for the Heroic only!   A few level 80-85 quests phased into Westfall could have easily handled the tie-in.  I suspect part of my missing the old Westfall is that, once again, I don’t like the story there now.

There’s also Southshore. I made a point of leveling there on every character; and unless you’ve played a Worgen (or Forsaken, I’m given to understand), the attack on Southshore is out of the blue and why aren’t we fighting to take it back? Hmmm?The second thing I miss post-Cataclysm is the ease of travel between the main cities of your faction and those from the other expansions. Being able to move between these areas made going to the zones easier, which in turn probably helped make areas feel more populated, even if they weren’t necessarily so.


Generally speaking the only other thing I miss post-Cataclysm is people. I think a lot of folks got burned out on the expansion early, because so much time was spent on the 1-60 remake that it felt like there was less for people to do at max level. Add in the on-rails questing, and it’s hard to make doing it more than once fresh. I’m not usually one to find the story repetitious, but even I found it tedious once I’d completed Loremaster on a solo toon post-Cata.

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  1. I should go through Darkshore and do the quests there on Alliance to see the questlines. But.. I’m too lazy, I hate levelling!

    • As far as the new questlines, Ashenvale isn’t as bad as Stonetalon Mountains, but since we had nearly nothing in Stonetalon before, I don’t really “miss” that. 🙂

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