An Unusual Take on D3

I signed up for the annual pass, so I got D3 free. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bought it, even though there are several things that point toward me actually liking the game. The first being that I enjoyed both Diablo and D2.

I have to say this about the game: It’s gorgeous. Even though it’s very gothic, and very dark, it’s still easy to see what you need to.

There are two downsides to the game for me, though.  (To be fair, I played for a few hours one afternoon. I probably didn’t get a solid grasp on things like the controls and actual realistic play mechanics, but that wasn’t my initial intent, and I’m not going to talk about those anyway.)

The story so far is a rehash of the other two Diablos.  It took a long time to put this together, why are we getting a rehash?  I’ve only gotten part way through Act I, though, so it might just be the introduction.  Except I’ve killed the same boss that I had to kill last time. Where’s the fun in that? I thought we killed him actually dead!

The second is that the player experience is extremely diminished without sound. I don’t have speakers on my computer, which means I have to listen on headphones, which means I will ignore everything around me even more than I do now.  Also, I don’t particularly like listening on headphones anyway. I use headphones for Skype because the mic headset is so useful. But at work I use headphones when I’m not on the phone, at which point I have a headset. You see how this makes playing my video games too much like work?

Finally, I’m kinda squeamish, and I’m afraid of snakes. Now, look at Grotesques.  I’m pretty sure those are going to be a staple in some way or another, so we’ll just say it now – ewwwwwww.    Then, add in that I need to listen to the game, and that this immerses me more. And I can no longer play this game at night without sleep consequences. Since I do most of my gaming in the evening, that kinda sucks for trying to find time for D3.

So, D3 is not for me. I get why people like it – it’s a beautiful game, and if you either utterly adored D2 or didn’t play it at all, the story thing probably won’t be a bother to you.

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  1. That is a very fair and balanced review, especially considering how little you played and admitted to playing so little.

    I commend you for not coming out, guns blazing, with trollish shouts of negativity, but instead focused on very simple things you just didn’t care for, keeping the tone even-tempered and even positive.

    In terms of the sound aspect of your post, I couldn’t agree more. Sound in gaming is incredibly important to me. In-game music, sound effects, voice-overs, if those things are not completely consistent and of good quality, it immediately takes me out of the game.

    Diablo 3’s sound quality is amazing, and it’s a shame to play the game without it, but I can understand your not liking your headset.

    • Thanks. I really do think that there is space in the world for games I don’t want to play; and I find it quite annoying that everyone seems to have a love it or hate it attitude about most things in the gaming community.

      I felt it necessary, however, to share the viewpoint that some of the things that make the game amazing are also a deterrence for me. Others might have similar issues, or completely different ones that parallel my reasons for disliking the game for myself, and find benefit to knowing these things.

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