Naming Conventions: Or Why You Should Always Completely Fill Out Your Guild Application

One of our guildies’ “mains” is Phinkbunny. Now, you might guess that it’s obvious that a gnome rogue with pink hair would be called Phinkbunny, but there’s actually more to it than that.

You see, when we first met him, we knew him as Greendeer. Things happened, and Greendeer moved servers, and then he came back to play with us again – but without Green.  When he did that, I insisted that he fill out a guild application.  I was a bit of a stickler for them at the time.  Now, we’re a tiny guild, and the app is a bit of a formality, but it does weed out the extremely obnoxious.  Here’s his application:

How did you learn about Higher Authority?
phinkbunny: “from friends”

Why do you believe you’ll enjoy playing with Higher Authority?
phinkbunny: “because i have in the past ”

How many characters do you have?
phinkbunny: “18-20”

What are your characters’ names and levels?
phinkbunny: “main is blueox”

What do you like to do most with your play time?
phinkbunny: “archaeology”

Now, you might notice that he said he had 18-20 toons, but that he named one. One!  Well, being the type of person I am, I posted a modification of his application for him; and it said something to the effect of I also have a hunter named redlion; a priest named whitegiraffe; a rogue named pinkbunny, a mage named greendeer, and a warrior named blackemu.

About two days later he had created Phinkbunny, and a host of other toons, all with the color-animal naming convention.

The only thing that confuses me is how he has a Death Knight named Hemlock.  Last time I checked, Hem wasn’t a color (my mother was an artist, I know all about ecru, and actually know what color chartreuse is!) and lock is a class, not an animal.

So, in case you were wondering, don’t leave holes in your application. If people in the guild know you, they may just provide extra information.

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  1. I always insisted on people filling in an app because it showed how serious they were about joining. People I already knew who filled out the app anyway always got brownie points from me though 🙂

    • (sorry about the delay in getting back to you Cym, I’ve been on vacation. 🙂 )

      I used to be much more of a stickler about it than I am now – for one thing, we’re letting our guild boards lapse because there’s just not enough interest in keeping them running. Tiny guilds can be run that way, though.

      I agree that it shows how serious someone is about joining the guild – the downside for us is that it could make people believe we’re small because we’re *too* selective. I’ve often considered trying to use some of the less savory techniques for building up the guild numbers, and then being prepared to make people toe the line – the problem there is that I’d definitely have to do all the work, and we might get the wrong reputation. While I’d like to have the epeen of having a big guild run as smoothly as Higher Authority does, I know how much work it takes to find members with the right attitude.

      Now if I could just steal all my blogger buddies from their guilds, I’d be golden. 🙂

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