When the Dragons Call, We Must Listen

I’ve been hunting green dragonscales for some upgrade gear for Kaide, and Breige got Dragon’s Call a couple of times.

I thought it was gorgeous, but come Mists, Breige won’t be able to weild it, so there’s no point in building a hunter set around it.  Then I got the idea that it would be nice to have different mog sets for Gurdrid, depending on her weapon type. I’m using the dark iron set for her mace, and I thought I’d use Dragon’s Call as the basis for her sword set.

A Work In Progress

Here’s what I have so far:

Main Hand: Dragon’s Call

Offhand: Wormscale Blocker

Head: Ironbark Faceguard

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Chest: Krakken-Heart Breastplate

Legs: Greaves of the Bloodwarder

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Waist: Westguard Belt

Hands: Adamant Handguards

Feet: Boots of the Funeral March

It Still Needs Work

I’m not completely happy with the set I’ve developed so far.  Here are my pros and cons:


Dragon’s Call is an absolute must. It’s the whole point of the set, after all.

I love the pants. I think the detailing really does tie in nicely with the sword.

I am enamored of the helm and shoulder combination. I usually hate both big helms and big shoulders, but this pairing works well for me.

I like larger shields for a pally tank. There’s just something very powerful about the idea that she can throw that huge thing at her enemies.

The cloak not only fits in nicely, but happens to be the one Gurdrid is wearing right now.


I think I’ve used to many shades of metal, though it does sorta give a well-traveled look. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the look I’m going for.

There was no good belt that I could find.

I don’t care for the boots, but no others jumped out for me as working, either.


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  1. Is an interestin’ look. Greaves of the Stonewarder might work as a different set of boots, dependin’ on yer tasties.

  2. Looking at the images on a different computer, I’m not quite so annoyed by the belt; but the boots look even worse. I’ll take a look at your suggestion, Ratters.

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