Hopes and Fears Going Account Wide

Account-wide achievements, pets and mounts are almost certainly coming to WoW; while Mists of Pandaria is still in beta, and therefore just about anything could change, it’s something that has been discussed for so long that it’s hard to imagine that it won’t go to live servers in some form.  But don’t take my word for it. Only time will tell.

I suspect that this is a part of Blizzard’s attempt to get the player base mindset on the page with the idea of bringing the player, not the toon. Sure, I may have raided vanilla as a healer, but today I’m probably a better tank. (We’ll see when Sveala gets to level cap!)


I’ve gone back and forth about how I feel about achievements going account wide. Like Tome of the Ancient, I think of a new character as a blank slate. Shoryl completed Loremaster before the Sundering. Kerridwen achieved Loremaster as a goal from her creation, after the Sundering. Both of these achievements are important to me, yet they’re going to be rolled up into one big list.

On the other hand, I’ll be able to carry the Seeker title on my characters very early on. That pleases me. What is a more appropriate title for a level 1 character than Seeker? Adventurers are all seeking something, aren’t they? I don’t worry about not having enough to do in the game. I play characters with different concepts in mind. Achievements are but one of those concepts.

I would, however, like a way to acknowledge that while Shoryl may have been the one to complete Loremaster before the Sundering, Kerridwen also completed that achievement on her own. Perhaps there could be some sort of notation on the achievement page indicating it’s an account achievement rather than a toon achievement.  Since I’m not playing in the beta, I don’t know what they currently look like, but that’s one thought for appeasing folks.


There’s absolutely nothing ill I can say about getting account-wide pets. I’ll have Baby Blizzard Bears for everyone, as well as red whelplings. I won’t have to do the Singing Sunflower quests ever again. Or Tol Barad.  I think with the different pets some of my toons have, I might even make it to the last pet achievement, which would rock.   Companion pets are just one of those things that isn’t game-breaking for me.

I do wonder how they’re going to handle faction specific pets, though. Can I take Taoiseach to the Argent Tournament, get all the pets and suddenly my Alliance toons are set? This is going to have a significant Auction impact if that’s the case (not that I play that particular game, but there it is.) This part gets a little more interesting with mounts.


While for the most part, mounts and pets could be wrapped up into the same categories, I’ve a bit more of a question there. Even if they can, none of my non-paladins will ever ride the warhorse or charger. Those are paladin mounts. Equally, the Death Charger is a death knight mount, and the felsteed and dreadsteed are warlock mounts. Period. There will be no sharing of class specific mounts by me.

But, again, there’s the question of faction mounts. Since Taoiseach is a blood elf, will I be able to get a complete set of hawkstriders on my Alliance toons?  This would certainly encourage players who collect these things to play both factions; or spend the money to convert a no-longer-loved character to the other faction for the sole purpose of collecting extra mounts (and pets). But I think it would be a little odd for a dwarf to be running around on a Black War Wolf; for instance. Now, I do note that the tooltips currently indicate the items are usable by only the faction’s races, which may be the limiting factor there.   Food for thought, though.


Reputations are an interesting conundrum for me. I’ve changed my main three times now, more or less. While I still consider Shoryl my representation of me, I don’t play her as much because I play her with Sonaira. Gurdrid will be the one collecting things come Mists of Pandaria, but Taoiseach has reputations that have great meaning to me, particularly Hydraxian Waterlords, which she got while it was current.  Shoryl has all of my BC reps. But Gurdrid has all of the Cata reps. You see where this is going, I’m sure – between them, I have quite a collection of reputations, and so I would love to have credit for them all in one place; but how is that going to work for the “get this many reps” achievements?   It would be nice to see reputation go account-wide as well. One of the greatest complaints of Cataclysm was grinding out Therazane and Molten Front reputations on alts. I completely understand that; though I think for me it’s Tol Barad and Ramkahen. 🙂

So I’m up in the air. I’m looking forward to certain things being account wide, and mostly curious about others. But there won’t be much thrill in dragging myself through getting Kurenai rep on Gurdrid if she’s already got the achievement and the mounts – if it’s just a tick-mark on the greater reputation achievement.

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  1. My understanding of it is that you will have the achievement saying exalted but not the rep. However any mounts that exalted brings will be shared on all characters. So if you want an item you will need to grind out the rep again, but if it’s purely cosmetic like pets/mounts you won’t.

    I can’t be 100 percent sure because my character with the Argent Tournament pets carried across petless but I’d put money on the fact that you’ll have those pets on every character on your account. I don’t see Blizzard allowing exceptions when they’re pushing the pet battles as such a big part of this expansion.

  2. I have to say I am not for it. Mounts and pets yes. Achievements… no. I will miss my number one spot on the achievement chart.

    • Kinda similar, Mounts and Pets, yes! Achievements I’m not so sure, rep I want to say yes, so my other toons can gear up as well. Or take Dasal landing at Ebon Hold on the flightpath while I was AFK, only to return and she’s almost dead lol!

    • As I said, I’m fairly back and forth about it. I’ve collected a significant number of achievements across three toons; but I did that because it was how I wanted to play the toons. It had little or nothing to do with achievements. Though I will say I’ve done some of the “easy” acheivements intentionally on many toons. 😉

  3. While I don’t think it will happen, I would love to see reputations going account-wide. I’m not pleased with the account wide achievements, either, but perhaps come time..

  4. So far on beta the pets are account wide regardless of faction. Mounts are far more limited as recently a list was released of mounts that will not be account wide which included class/ profession mounts. What I’ve seen so far is non-faction mounts are indeed shared, but faction mounts are not (so far on beta they don’t even change into the other
    faction’s equivalent mount). The achievements do have a different icon if another character got the achievement and Blizzard has already said no to account wide reputations (though I hope they reconsider this with older reputations).

    Since it’s beta all of this could change, but this is where things stand right now.

    • I’m glad to hear there’s some icon coding in there for achievements; that will be beneficial, at least on a personal level. I suppose an alternative to account-wide reps would be to associate achievements with all of them (something they’ve done for the most part with both WotLK and Cata; and which had a few categorizations in BC) and then associate those to the metas; providing a way to share the work of the metas among characters.

      • That goes back to account wide achievements somewhat. A good example would be Long Strange Trip. Since you are trying to get a series of achievements if one toon has half and another has the other half if will give you the meta. While I can understand not making rep account wide for current content it would be nice for older reputations to be account wide mainly for access to certain items for transmog as we’ll as older recipes (some of those older rep grinds can be costly and time consuming and generally don’t affect replay value for most players).

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