20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 15

This is the 15th installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.  

Your Desktop Background and Why You Chose It

When I first upgraded to Windows 7, I just grabbed the sample architecture pics as part of the slideshow for my desktop. I’m an architecture geek, of sorts; so for a quick fix, it worked nicely.    Several months later, I’d been hemming and hawing about what I wanted to use instead – I have cat pictures, I could browse the internet for dragons… or I could maybe start taking more screenshots. A while back, there was the Sixth of Sixth meme going on, and at the time I had less than 36 screenshots in my WoW Screenshots folder. Embarrassing, really.

Now, I have three folders: One for my characters, one for my guild, and one for silver dragons.  I’ve been meaning to post the silver dragons, but I keep not getting around to it.  So, I decided today, partially because I really ought to have a good answer to this question, and partially because I’ve been meaning to fix my background to be more personal, that I was going to take the cream of the WoW shots and make those into my slideshow.  I’m not going to give you all 15 of my current images, but here are a few of my favorites:

Gurdrid attempts to get her Phosphorescent Drake
No, I’m not a Wildhammer. Why do you ask?
I don’t burn that easily, giant

When I was discussing doing this with Sona, we talked about how she has purposefully set up her desktop both here at home, and at work, to be a pleasant reminder of why she’s there. For me, it’s similar – what’s important to me. (The guild needs to do some interesting things again!)

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  1. That Volchan pic is geat!

  2. Thank you! I think it’s my second best silver dragon pic to date, but the best one is not part of my screen backgrounds because it’s of Kirix, and my dearest does not take kindly to things with more than four legs.

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