20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 14

This is the 14th installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.  

This Upsets You

Another tough topic. One of the reasons this is tough for me is because I try very hard to let stuff just roll off. People will do what they think is fun, even if they know it’s probably upsetting someone else. There’s a significant portion of the gaming community that hides behind anonymity; and who feel that they can get as raunchy and rude and whatever as they want to because of it. Things they wouldn’t dare do at work, school, or around their aging relatives.  While I wish this weren’t the case, it’s a thing that is, and I’ve not got the fortitude to fight the good fight every single time I run across it.

What does  upset me, however, is when people assign their expectations of a class or role on every single person who comes along who might fit into their tiny box, before taking a moment to figure anything out about the player.

For instance, I recently got told by a rogue (in a mix of normal DS and LFR gear, wielding Jaws of Retribution) that I was a crappy tank after the first pull in a normal Grim Batol. Now, this was not the first pull of dragonkin. It was the troggs in that first hallway. I threw my shield, and he popped Fan of Knives. I pointed out that my shield only hits 3 targets. He said I should have dropped consecration. I asked him if he’d rather wait for me to get mana every other pull, or wait two seconds for me to cast Holy Wrath/Hammer of the Righteous.  He proceded to continue to complain about my tanking until we finished the drake run, where we opted to kick him.

Our replacement was a new rogue, this one needed instruction with the bosses, and requested that I mark my target. He waited every single time until I had either hit Holy Wrath or Hammer of the Righteous to start using Fan of Knives. His one downfall – he needed on a tanking piece, and one that I actually wanted.  But when I brought it up, he apologized, saying he didn’t really understand the mechanics of anything that doesn’t have Agility on it. He also traded me the item.  The hunter in the group took it upon himself to give the rogue a very quick summary of what sorts of gear he actually wanted while we completed the instance.  After that, we sent him off to read websites.

The difference between the two was starkly apparent. The first rogue had a chip on his shoulder, and I suspect was running normals for justice points for heirloom gear. Or out of boredom. But there was no way I was going to be a good tank, no matter how flawlessly I pulled only the groups I needed and read his mind on which target to start with.   The second, who would have only been able to hold aggro against me for about two seconds (based on his gear!) was so polite about being sure he was on the right target and only using his AoE when I had fully established threat that if it hadn’t been for that one foibled need, I would have assumed he was merely new to Grim Batol, not the game.

At the same time, if I were the type to pigeonhole people, I might have lit into that poor unsuspecting newbie immediately after the way I was treated by Mr. Raider.

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