Things I want to do before Mists

Lots of folks are writing laundry lists about what they want to do before the next expansion, and I have a list too.  I’m going to go ahead and put it up here for everyone to see, just because then I might also be reminded of what I want to accomplish when I’m not sure what I want to do in game. (sometimes this happens, honest!)

The Major Goals


Oquae is my tailor/enchanter, even though she’s a warrior. I’d like to get her to level 85, and those two professions to 525. I’d also like to work out a transmogrification set for her. Even though she’s a Draenei, I plan to make her plate set from level 40-60 items (since it needs to be plate); because I want to show her as not feeling she’s from Draenor.


My shaman who has been planned to be my go-to healer, she is also my primary inscriptionist. Her plans are to get to level 85, max inscription, and decide what other profession to pick up. I’m contemplating moving alchemy from Kerridwen to her; but I’ve not yet decided.  I’m not going to worry about her ‘mog set until she’s higher level, though.


Shoryl doesn’t have a lot on her plate right now. She’s enjoying semi-retirement in Stormwind, and has taken to tinkering.  She’d like to finish her studies in engineering.

The Minor Goals


Moving Kerridwen to dual-gathering professions would benefit from her flight form. I’m also contemplating taking her Boomkin in the next expansion.


If I move Kerridwen to dual-gathering professions, someone will need to take up the alchemy mantle, and who better than the one who already uses all the herbs Kerridwen gathers? This may mean more time spent learning for this girl. 

 The General Plan

It might seem like the plan is actually laid out above pretty well, but I’ve got more to add:


The problem is, I don’t really want to abandon Gurdrid (especially) while I level Oquae and Sveala.  Sometimes I just wanna go tank some stuff. Other times – not so much. So my plan for leveling is to work on Oquae when I wanna quest, and take Gurdrid out to fetch some JP heirloom pieces for Sveala when dungeoning is in order,  since she’s further behind (Oquae is in Northrend, Sveala has still not walked through the portal).  With one or two more heirlooms (plus the cloak, and guild bonus), I should be able to speed up Sveala’s leveling quite a bit.


When I get Sveala and Oquae’s professions maxed for their current level (whatever that happens to be), I’ll focus on getting the Cata level of engineering for Shoryl.  Once all three are maxed out in the four required professions, I’ll start working on getting alchemy leveled on Sveala, and only after she has maxed out alchemy will I switch Kerridwen over to mining and start getting that leveled.

Most of my profession work is going to happen when I don’t have a lot of time or need to get up from my computer often.  But that’s ok. Setting to smelting 200 bars is the perfect time to load the dishwasher, right?

I may, of course, come up with more tangents, but at the moment, this plan is my focus…. With, of course, a smattering of old-school raiding and other having of fun that has nothing at all to do with the plan, and everything to do with It’s a GAME!  I just happen to like to organize my games a lot.


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