20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 11

This is the eleventh installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

Bad Habits and Flaws

I try to be a very self reflective person (no, I do not consider this a flaw), so I could probably go on at length about a wide variety of character traits that I consider flaws.  But, while I’m willing to put some of it out there; I’m not really willing to bare my entire soul to the internet. So, you’re going to get a short list of probably some pretty run-of-the-mill flaws. Sorry, love you all. Don’t love that guy over in left field who doesn’t know how to say anything nice on the internet.

I’m a procrastinator – I will procrastinate on anything I don’t find fun. Laundry? Sunday afternoons, folks, because I need those clothes tomorrow. That really boring group of data I need for my boss. Yep, you guessed it, put together a half hour before he needs it.  And no, I do not try to assuage my procrastination by saying I work better under pressure. I don’t. I know I don’t.

I’m passive-aggressive – I debated whether I would actually put this out there as a flaw, because I’m not really passive aggressive in that annoying severe way of examples. I’m merely generally a very passive person, right up until something just really bugs me. And then, I’m aggressive.  I will bend until I am about to break, but once that moment arrives, all bets are off.  (To be fair to myself, I try not to let myself get that far; I usually succeed, so I think I’m doing much better than I used to.)

I’m relatively sedentary – I say relatively only because I have built into my work day a total of almost two hours of walking a day. It helps that I walk to and from work.  Every summer I say I want to get more active, and every winter around DecemberI realize I’ve spent the last two months only getting that walking in for exercise.

I can be obsessive-compulsive  – I do not have OCD, but I can be very obsessive-compulsive. Gurdrid did all 25 of her dailies for over a month. She did every one of her Molten Front dailies from the time she unlocked it until she finished it – unless I didn’t log on to WoW at all. This one probably causes the most strife at home, too; because when I get obsessed with something, everything else flies right out of my head.

I’m a keyboard turner – Even though Vuuk quite thoughtfully wrote a very good guest post for me to get me to break the habit… I just can’t do it.


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