Shared Topic: Homebrewed Hardmodes

This Blog Azeroth shared Topic comes from Stringtheory

I’ve seen a lot of challenges making the rounds lately, from the more traditional ‘you die, you’re out’ to the more complex ‘no spending money on anything’. Leveling only through crafting looks fun, leveling without any gear looks impossible, and making a bazillion gold on the auction house is something I really need to try someday. *ponders*

Anywho, why do you think these sorts of bring-your-own-hardmode are becoming more popular? Is it because the normal game as gotten too easy? Or repetitive? Or that it’s not challenging in the right sort of ways? Could Blizzard incorporate any of these methods of madness into the game itself or it there an inherent appeal to ‘house rules’ versions of the game?

Thinky thoughts, I am thinking them… *solemn nod*

Oh, and if you are participating in (or have already won) any of these events say so! Link ’em so the rest of us can cheer you on!

And for the record, I discovered this shared topic reading her blog!

I’m actually doing the Ironman challenge; Ironshoryl, noted on my sidebar, is a whopping level 16. The problem is I have to be in the right mood to play Ironshoryl, partially because she’s a rogue.

I plan to level my bank alt in Mists (who may or may not end up continuing to be my hunter) via dailies within Stormwind; which isn’t really hardmoding, so much as it’s being lazy and not taking her out and about much.

I’ve seriously contemplated the 2012 in 2012 challenge, but my big limitation here is that I am fiercely loyal to my guild; which means playing toons not in guild is, um, unlikely. To get all my guild toons to 85 would only give me 680 levels. Just not enough; also, to have 2 of every class and at least one of every race requires, um, both factions and at least two servers… not to mention having to have two rogues.

One of my long term plans is to have one of every profession maxed.  Currently, I need engineering,  inscription,  tailoring, enchanting, and archaelogy.   I’m trying for this in the hopes that one day I can get on the front end of the goldmaking bandwagon, instead of trying to scrape by on the other end.  I also do this because I suspect I will be playing WoW when there really isn’t much of an economy any more because there aren’t enough people playing.

Otherwise, I tend to just kinda hang out and do whatever it is I want to do on a particular day.  I don’t play video games for them to be hard; but I think that the longer I play any game, the more likely I am to try and come up with counter-intuitive goals.  I wouldn’t call them hardmodes, per se, though. 🙂

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  1. Ah, but were you reading the blog whilst hunting for Easter Eggs? That’s the key… 😉 heh

    Ilik e the idea of maxing every profession, I actually hadn’t thought of doing that, but it would be pretty darned useful. I’m going to have to go back and see what I’ve already picked up—and then give the shiny new bank alt something non-gathering. *grin*

    Good luck on the Ironman! 😀

    • No, I’m notoriously horrible at finding things like Easter Eggs (Noblegarden is easier, because spawns are predictable). I was reading your blog because I read your blog. 🙂 The only reason you haven’t made it onto my blog roll is because I’m lazy, and haven’t sat down at home to update said page of my blog.

      The profession maxing is actually quite relaxing – except the part about having to have the toons at level 75 (or possibly 80) to be allowed to get their professions up to max. Tailoring and Enchanting are next on my list, since I will find the bags and DEing for my own mats highly useful.

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