Burnout, Other Things to Do, and um, Stuff

I’ve kinda felt burnt out on WoW. Which is funny, because it hasn’t kept me from logging in. Gurdrid just completed1000 Dailieslast evening. She’s over halfway through the Noblegarden achievements (only having the traveling stuff to finish), and has gotten her mount.

About the mount. It dropped from an egg. It dropped from an egg when I had already saved 400 of the 500 chocolates I needed. So most of my alts are also going to have bunnies, since I needed to do somethign with my chocolates.

When I get burnt out with WoW, though, is not like when other people do. I still play. I just don’t feeldriven. I don’t run home from work to log on. I also don’t usually focus on just one thing. I’ll do a few quests on an alt, I’ll spend some time doing archaeolgy. I’ll run a couple of dungeons.   I’ll hunt some rares.  I’ll farm some esoteric thing for myself or a guild member (this past weekend, it was Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes for Scryer rep; and cloth and greens for our guildie whose enchanting is stuck in outland mats (he’s a tailor, which is why the cloth went to him as well).

I’ve gotten my MoP beta invite (over a week ago, actually), but I’m still torn about whether I want to take advantage of it. On the one hand, I want to see if I really want a Panda; or if I really want a Monk.  On the other hand, I want to keep Pandaria as fresh as possible so that I can really enjoy the expansion when it releases.  I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve been playing Playstation 2 games (okay, really only Lego Batman) for my dearest while she lays on the couch trying not to hack up a lung. (She’ll be okay, it’s not all that serious, but she has one killer cough).  I’ve been playing these incredinbly silly little free games on my phone. I’ve been pursuing my hobbies a little bit. And I’ve been getting away from the house altogether.

But, I’ve still been playing WoW. I think the spark might have returned with Noblegarden, but we shall see, once Shoryl has her mount, and Gurdrid has her achievements.  I think the lack of spark is part of why I didn’t post last week. But again, hopefully the spark is back.

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