20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 7

This is my seventh installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

The reason behind your blog’s name

Tiny WoW Guild is somewhat self-explanatory.  I am the guild leader of not just a small guild in WoW, but a tiny one. The difference, in my mind, is about scope.

A small guild is often a lean raiding or PvP guild. One that is built with just enough players to maintain a roster for whatever end game activity the group plans to pursue.  A small guild of this type may only have 10-15 members, but it’s by design. Social guilds, however, can be utterly huge; yet a common size seems to be around 100-200 members.

Higher Authority, however, has fewer than 20 member players. Of those member players, I know at least one who isn’t playing WoW at all right now, four who play primarily on different servers, and two who primarily play in their own vanity guild. While we are closing in on 60 toons, they’re mostly alts.   There are some others who are sort of MiA, but since we don’t make any requirements on anyone’s time; there’s no reason to remove them from the guild.

I figured, in all honesty, no matter what happens, I will always run my guild like a tiny one. And it probably won’t grow into anything bigger than a small guild.

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