20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 6

This is my sixth installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

Your workplace/desk

Since I work in a bank, I can’t show you my work desk. It’s a pretty standard short-wall cube affair, though. With a couple of pretty significant differences:

  • The “back wall” of my cube is a montage of all of my favorite pieces of art from the calendars that I’ve had while in the position. There are many dragons, several old-fashioned maps, some Escher prints, and the little corners and crevices that didn’t get neatly aligned are filled in with various WoW bosses.
  • I have a bunch of origami scattered around my cube, because this year’s calendar is a page-a-day origami calendar.
  • Most WoW noteworthy, however, is that the poster I received for going to the midnight event and picking up my collector’s edition of Cataclysm is on the side of my desk – the only place it would fit!

But let me show you where I play WoW:

I sit on the left

That’s Sona’s PC on the right. It really is two desks, but they’re just wide enough for our towers and our knees.  The cat on Sona’s desk is Leia (pronounced Lee-ah, not like the noteworthy princess).

And here’s the view out that window. Sadly my phone can’t take pictures to do it justice.

11 Stories up, you can see for about 2 miles on a sunny day


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