A Personal Note

I’ve had several ideas for good, meaty blog posts fly out of my head this week.  I could try and blame a lot of things for this, like forgetting to write them down.  But what it boils down to is this is a very stressful week for me and my partner.

I don’t talk about it very much because I don’t want it to define me, but two years ago this past November, I was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma.  I’m not going to talk about how that has changed my life in this post, except to say that it really seriously made me think about how I spend my time – particularly the time when I relax.   It allowed me to define my WoW experience on my own terms, not based on what other people think I should or should not do.

Anyway, the stressful week part is that yesterday I had a CT Scan, and I won’t get the results until Thursday. This particular one is very important, as it marks two years post treatment. If all goes well, my odds of no recurrence get significantly better. It also means less doctor visits.

But, to talk a little bit about WoW, I’m going to mention that OMG is there tons of info about MoP! I’m starting to get excited for the expansion; and also starting to look at my list of want-to’s from this expansion. Oh, my!

Update: The scan results were as we all hoped, with no changes!! This is absolutely the most fantastic news I could have possibly gotten!


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  1. Is da poop, waitin’ fer the results. Me thoughts is with you, hopin’ fer good news.

  2. Fantastic news on the results! Must be such a relief for you 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about some of the things I still want to achieve before Mists comes out..

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, both of you.

    I’m working on a Mists post, but I’m not sure what spin I’m going to put on it yet. I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing has pulled itself into a full blown post just yet.

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