20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 3

This is the third in my installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

Your First Day Playing WoW

I’d like to say that there was something really interesting that took my attention, but, well… there’s  not much that I can say. As I mentioned in my Then and Now post, a friend sold me his computer so I could play WoW.  Now, this was an awesome deal… it was a gaming PC, well above the minimum standards for Vanilla (it got me into Wrath, though I had to dumb down the graphics by then) – So everything was bee-you-tee-ful. My previous PC hadn’t been replaced since. um. Well, for quite a while, because I didn’t do a lot of heavy-duty gaming with it. The most exciting thing I did was play Civ II.

Anyway, so I had bought the computer, and the game. And since I’d just bought the computer from him, it was already pre-installed with WoW, which was nice, because it meant I didn’t need 5 months (or so) worth of patches. I could dive right in.   I picked my server, and there I sat, at the character creation screen.   Now; I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons, and AD&D in various editions, so I thought I knew what all the characters did.

But my friend urged me to read about the different classes, and also explained about tanks and healers and dps. I didn’t want to start with a mage-type, or a pet class. Those both sounded squishy and complicated. I’d thought about a warrior, but that tanking thing sounded, well, complicated.   I didn’t think I’d like healing, but… I wasn’t planning on raiding – getting 40 people together sounded like crazy-talk.  So I pondered. I was rolling Alliance, so everything I was thinking was leading me towards rogue. I hovered over the selection. And then he said that if I wasn’t going to be running dungeons much, I wouldn’t have to heal on a paladin. And so, my first character was born.  I knew it was important to pick the right class for that character, as I planned to use my online handle of over a decade for it. He warned me that I might not be able to; and I sat there smugly as I clicked the accept button and my human paladin, Shoryl, was born. He wandered off to go raid while I began to learn to play.

As I recall, I got to level 6 or 7 when he came back upstairs to see how I was getting on. I’d just about made it to the inn, and I told him that I thought I had the basics, I wanted to test out some other classes. And he rolled his eyes as I carefully mapped out how to make one of each class, (yes, I had a horde shaman), and a male and female of each Alliance race.

Besides Shoryl, the only one of those first 10 characters that still exists is Caitlinn, who still lives on Thunderhorn, and who I got to level 50. While I once again have a stable of 10 toons, none but Taoiseach/Shoryl has stood that test of time.


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