If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Gurdrid is a tank, and that I was hoping to do some LFD with her.  But, here’s the problem…

I’m relatively confident in my general ability to tank. After one wipe on one boss once I was able to take the advice of a very patient warlock and successfully provide tanking for a no-death fight.  But that was on normal, four of the PuG group were my guildmates, and, well. It’s just different. 

I want to try heroics, but I’m scared. I’m afraid that I’m not really all that good of a tank, because I’ve never been faced with a crisis moment, really. I’m afraid that because I’m a little slow, like to mark targets, and am generally still struggling enough with things like movement and placement; that people will label me a noob, and kick me out of groups.

In normals, I’m more comfortable saying “I’m not familiar with this, can someone point me at the right groups”. Heroics? I’m not so sure about doing that.

Tanks always seem to actually need to be geared from the content to be successful at the content, and that means that until a certain point, tanks will struggle. Is that really still true? Or has Blizz finally fixed that gearing issue for tanks.

I think people are beginning to feel that they should be able to faceroll heroic content, thanks to the general age of the expansion and LFR. 

I’ve been toying with several options, but I’m not sure what I really want to do.

1. I can keep running normals and use my JP to upgrade the one green, and maybe a couple of blue items I currently have. I already have several epics, thanks to the molten front, justice points,  and the accessibility of crafted gear.

2. I can start slow, trying the easier heroics (as soon as I figure out which ones those are!) before doing random dungeons.

3. I can just wing it, and hope that the shortage of tanks forces people to be more patient with me.

4. I can scrap the idea all together for this expansion, and just plan to try and hit the curve a little earlier next time around.

I obviously don’t like 4; but, well….  My biggest problem, I think, is that I have to rely on strangers. Most of my in-game friends from previous guilds aren’t playing any more, or aren’t playing on my server (I moved, they didn’t) and I haven’t shared my realID with them.   Those whom I have… I don’t really play at the same time with a bunch of them.

And my Blog Azeroth buddies are mostly raiders, which means most of the time when I look to see what they’re up to, they’re in Dragon Soul. 🙂


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  1. Looked up yer gear. I’d have no qualms ’bout followin’ ya inta a heroic. If normal modes is goin’ down okay fer ya, that sez ta me what yer ready.

    I’d suggest tryin’ heroic Vortex Pinnacle first. Fer a tank, is prolly the easiest heroic. Tell the folks yer with is yer first time, so pulls will be a little slow and could they helps out with the CC? There do be some arrogant twatwaffles, but they’s a minority. Most folks is decent buggers if’n ya puts yerself out there, I’s found.

    • Ratters, I think that’s one of the nicest things another tank can say to a girl :). Now I’m trying to remember if any of Team Ratshag is Alli, and if I could su… talk you into running with me. 🙂

      • Is actuallies more heroic-geared Alliance on the Team than Horde right now. If’n ya wants, drop me a line at ratshag AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send ya me RealID an’ we can see what can be worked out.

  2. Welcome to the world of tanking.

    Yes, as a tank in a random LFG dungeon you are expected to know all the fights, know the locations of monsters and any pathing, know what to interrupt AND be responsible for all stuffups incurred by the party.
    I have a pretty low opinion of DPS in a random dungeon – and I’m regularly proven right.

    Why do you think the tank LFG queue length is *ALWAYS* 0 seconds?

    There are two ways of doing LFG as a noob tank.
    1. Do an all guild run with other such less than epically geared friends.
    2. Lay the law down as soon as you enter a random dungeon. Explain that you are new, not well geared and may need guidance – having a friend or Guildie doing that is ideal.
    Expect insults and flaming. People (DPS) somehow magically expect all tanks (and to a lesser extent healers) to be fully geared and knowledgeable in all things. Utilize the Kick command as you feel necessary.

    And lastly, when you finish a dungeon/boss – think for a few seconds.
    Think about what you could have done better?
    Kited the adds better? Interrupted better? Used your mitigation cool-downs smarter?

    If you need to, run an instance again as a normal to practice, or practice something on world mobs.

    • I’m already doing that on both normal dungeons and Molten Front bosses. I think trying to get better is an important skill for a tank to have.

      That said, early on, and even in normals, I haven’t seen a lot of complaining from DPS in PuGs – it may be that the old addage is true – you get what you expect. If you expect crap, that’s what you’ll get.

      I’m debating what I’ll be doing tomorrow – but it may be time to just swallow my nerves and get in there. The only way to learn to dive is in the deep end, after all. 🙂

  3. Well, I did it. First I queued for Vortex Pinnacle; and after a successful completion, one of the DPS requeued us for a random. I decided to go with it…

    And we got Deadmines. I was terrified! But we succeeded. I died once (during the nightmare sequence, I didn’t take the right path to get out of the fire); and the boomkin died twice.

    So, apparently I did ok.

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