Then and Now

Vidyala of Manalicious, has come up with another Meme after the 6th Screenshot Meme that went around, Then and Now.  And I started thinking about a lot of the thens and nows that there are for me.

When I first started playing, back in, uh, 2005, it was my first online game that wasn’t text based. Seriously. (Diablo II, which I played with my nephew, was my first cooperative video game.)  One of my housemates bought WoW when it was first released. I watched him play it, and after a bit, lamented that my PC wouldn’t run the game. It was so pretty, unlike all the grim FPS games I’d seen people playing.

I worried that I wouldn’t be very good at a realtime game, as well. I still don’t have the fastest reflexes, but I am a heck of a lot better at it than I once was.

Anyway, so he sold me his computer when he got a new one, and I was able to start playing. I had no clue what I was doing. He’d shown me Molten Core, and a bit of Orgrimar, but I had rolled on a different server because I was not about to start playing on a PvP realm.  I’d learned that some other folks I knew played WoW, and they played on Thunderhorn, so I rolled there. And Alliance.

Then my friend’s guild blew up, and he decided to come hang out on Thunderhorn. He got his new Alliance toon to 60 before Shoryl made it there. But in those days I didn’t know about sites like Thottbot and Alakhazam. I had no clue about Elitist Jerks, or many other sites. And then he dropped a bomb. We could create a PuG group for raiding. The thought! The epicness! I could be one of those folks who sported matching gear! That would be sooooooo coool!  And we did get it going. We drummed up enough interest to run a 40-man team.  And he told me, privately, as we looked at the hodge podge group we’d created, that he wasn’t sure we could do it. He and one healer were the only two in full sets of blue gear. I had only one blue item on my toon. Those were the extremes of gearing.   But we did it. We killed not only Lucifron that first night, but managed, with only one tranquilizing shot, to also kill Magmadar.

That was the beginning of the creation of a guild called Chosen of Valhalla, which I didn’t actually join at its inception.  But here is the earliest picture I have of Shoryl from that time, blended into a sig file with my army of alts behind it (all of whom have been lost in the bit stream…)

By the time this image was created, Shoryl had gone to retribution.

And there’s the now, on my third server. Running a guild for the second time. Not raiding. And still loving more minutes of my play time than not. First, I give you Taoiseach, who is the same toon that was once Shoryl. Now a Blood Elf, and languishing because I have other, more interesting things to do just now


And finally, the Shoryl who is my guild leader toon. The one who almost carries on the old Shoryl’s personality, in a Mogged set of her predecessor’s claim to fame. Tier 1 (with embellishments).

Shoryl, in the only tier set I've ever owned when it was relevant. Sans bananas.

So there it is – unlike many people in the downsizing of raiding content and creation of LFR, I’ve stepped away from pursuing raiding, not because of raiding itself, but because there are other things, more personal, that take me away from that particular dedication to the game.

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