I’ve been reading several blogs from people who are taking up the WoW Irontoon challenge, and I decided to do so as well. (Link love will be incoming, I’m posting from work, and can’t get to everything)

And it seems like everyone and their brother (and sister) are trying this out. I resisted for a while for several reasons:

  • It seems hard
  • I’ve got 10 toons on Ysera. Some of them are languishing (ok, everyone but Gurdrid languishes right now)
  • Gurdrid!
  • I’m cultivating my small guild to be more active. I can’t do that on some other server on a toon not in the guild.

And then I thought, why not? There’s plenty of reasons for me to participate as well

  • I like leveling toons with different perspectives.
  • I might find out that I really enjoy a class other than paladin, what with the randomly generated character
  • Sometimes it’s nice to get away
  • Being careful is a great way to actually experience the world of Azeroth

So I randomly selected a PvE server, by randomly generating a number (6) from 1-26 to give me the first letter of the server name. Since there are only two US servers with F as their first letter, I randomly generated a 2, giving me Fizzcrank.

Next, I did the random number generation for my character. I did select female, because I’ve never successfully played a male character and enjoyed it – I only once got a male character to max level, and he didn’t last into the next expansion.

1-12 for race gave me a troll.

1-8 for class gave me a rogue.

And thus, Ironshoryl, the troll rogue, was born.  She’s currently level 9 with about 4 hours of play time.   I kill everything that will give me experience as I run from quest hub to quest. When I’m running between things I stealth, thus lowering my aggro radius.  I’ve done the Troll, Orc and Tauren starting areas to give myself a boost for getting green quests, and I expect I will also do some grinding here and there.

I plan to strip any characters I create through this challenge and send all of the money to a bank toon; just to store it. I will not use that money for future toons, unless they reach level 85.   I’m curious how much a toon will amass by always taking the quest reward of greatest value, rather than concerning themselves with gearing choices.

In addition to many of the other rules, I am also setting myself the rule that I will not use the AH to sell anything I come across. Whatever I can’t use will go straight to the vendors. What does an Irontoon need with gold, anyway?

Sonaira is joining me on this challenge, in that she is also creating a character; though she is using slightly different rules than I am, because she wants a slightly easier time of it. I’ve decided she’s doing the Bronzeman Challenge.   Here are the things our challenges have in common:

  • No dying. (unless the quest requires it!)
  • No help from other players (even each other!) which includes no dungeons, battlegrounds or arenas
  • No buffs, enchants, or glyphs (except class buffs such as rogue poisons, and those required by the quest to complete them)
  • No professions other than first aid

And here is where we have disparate rules:

  • Shoryl will not be using talent points; Sona will be
  • Shoryl will be using only grey or white gear – no heirlooms or anything else; Sona will be allowed to use quest rewards, but no purchased items – with tokens or otherwise

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  1. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted!

  2. Abosolutely! Ironshoryl is going to get some love tonight, after the cat’s vet visit to get a refill on her thyroid meds. (old cats get meds, too)

    Another advantage I have in the “gold” department is that I have a sparkle pony, flying kittie and Tyrael’s Charger, so I won’t ever need to buy a mount.

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