The Surprise Quiet Times

Everyone expects there to be less play time during the holiday season; and in some ways, Higher Authority was no exception.  Several Dwarven Dungeon Crawl runs were cancelled (They’re level 43!) and the 85s runs were also a bit hit or miss, especially with the holidays actually landing on Sundays.  But, that looks a lot like raiding schedules during the same time period.  But sometimes, you get quiet periods you just don’t expect.

Since the holidays, we’ve had one 85s run (and we didn’t even work on Heroics, due to some technical problems). Our dwarf mage hasn’t made the last three DDC runs. He’s been (apparently) very busy with work, and not logging on as much. One of the members who plays the most works second shift, so we only really see him on weekends. (though to be fair, that’s been going on for a while). Our 5th 85, not a regular guild member because he’s got a raiding toon on another server, just had a new baby and is playing less. Sona is playing less, pursuing other hobbies. She’s reached two of her most significant ingame goals, and as these things go, she’s having a lull in her desire to play while she decides what she wants to pursue next. I don’t push that, because it’s not how I roll – I want people to play because it’s fun, and my partner is absolutely no exception to that.

Our newest member hasn’t been on in quite a while. I don’t know if he’s lost interest in his shaman, gone back to other toons, or what; but since we’re a pretty strong ‘do your own thing’ sort of guild, it’s hard to encourage people to stick around who don’t have a vested interest in the other players already.

All that boils down to not much really going on in the guild. Our two other regular members are playing more, which is wonderful to see; though they tease me that at the rate I’m levelling Gurdrid, I’m going to beat them to 85.   I’m leveling my second paladin, and as a result both Shoryl and Kerridwen are languishing. I may switch my “solo” (as in not my official duoing Shoryl) achievement hound to Gurdrid. It’ll certainly be easier to pick up dungeon achievements on a tank, and since I’m much more versed with the global pally buttons, it’s a lot easier for me to be proficient than I am with Kerridwen.

Progress on guild achievements has also slowed a bit. We’ve picked up the guild Scarlet Monestary achievement on the dwarves, and rolled Mighty Miners over the halfway point – mostly working on getting Gurdrid’s blacksmithing up. Classy only needs a warlock. I’ve got a wee one started, but I’ve been spending my time on the pallies. There’s one in the early 60s, but the player doesn’t care for Outland, so she’ll lag a bit until we can get a spark going. I’ve helped here and there, and will probably invite her along on all my rep runs when I start those on Gurdrid.

I’ve also been paying less attention to my WoW feed; so I haven’t been getting any sparks for blog posts.   But Higher Authority will truck along as it always has, and I’ll quietly lead by example. Playing how I want to play, encouraging people to have ideas and run various instances.

So Higher Authority is seeing a January lull while a lot of other guilds are seeing a last-patch lull. The difference for us is that it probably won’t last until Mists. At least, I can hope.

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