Guild Perks – A Better Way

First, I’m going to give a shout out to a couple of folks for talking about guild recruiting and such, that gave me this idea… Shintar at Priest With a Cause, and Cymre over at Bubbles of Mischief  talked about the Guild Finder Tool, which got me to thinking about guild recruitment, which I don’t really do. But there have been plenty of other people talking about the slog for new recruitment, and many folks blame it on guild leveling.

It’s been a year since guild levels were implemented, and Higher Authority is level 9.  Since we’re a tiny guild, I actually think of that as a bit of an accomplishment, but others… may not.

We don’t have the best perks, like Have Group Will Travel, Bountiful Bags, or both ranks of Mr. Popularity (speaking strictly from the non-raider, non-PvPer point of view).  I really feel sorry for new or small PvP guilds, they have to get to level 13 to get their really big perk, Honorable Mention.

Does this kill recruiting? Possibly. We’d like to think that it doesn’t kill recruiting of quality players who are more interested in the guild atmosphere than the guild perks; but I’ll posit this: Devilmaycare, a warlock who doesn’t care to be a raider, is looking for a small guild to be a part of. He’s hoping to get some guild 5-man action, but also solos quite a bit, and he’s only level 72 so far. He’s seen a couple people from Higher Authority around, and also a group from Azeroth’s Bad Boys. He looks both guilds up on the Armory. Azeroth’s Bad Boys is level 14, Higher Authority is level 9. Who’s he going to try first? Even if he’s looking for a guild based solely on atmosphere, he’s probably going to hit up the Bad Boys first, and if they pan out… Higher Authority doesn’t even get a shot at him.

So I would posit that the higher level guilds get more recruitment not because people necessarily want the perks, but because people want active guilds. You can have 5 people logging on and hanging out and being very active in game every day, and if they don’t happen to be doing the right things, they’re not levelling their guild. Or, how fast can they actually level their guild, especially with both personal experience contributions and total guild contribution per week capped, is just going to be lower. So… you need more people to gain momentum to level faster to get more people… but how do you start? That’s the problem now, getting started.

While those last two paragraphs may have sounded like a digression into recruiting, it actually comes around to the point I’m trying to make quite neatly. If people are going with higher level guilds because they have (or are closer to) the perks the player would like to have, then why not give the guilds the option to cater to their hoped-for clientelle? Let’s give guilds talent trees. While ultimately, at level 25, all guilds will be created equal in terms of their perks, maybe letting the guilds decide (to some extent) in which order they get them could help recruiting.

Here’s a simple talent tree, with our current options.  If you look at the first tier, you see right away that the leveling guild is going to pick fast track, the raiding guild is likely to pick Mr. Popularity to get their members a jump on their reputation grinds for those librams and (whatever the head enchants are called), and the PvP guild is going to jump on Honorable Mention. At level 2, the guilds have identified themselves.

Similarly to player talent trees, the guild leader wouldn’t be able to choose any tier 2 options until they are level 5 (three points spent in previous tiers), so each new tier would open at levels 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20. So, yes, Mass Resurrection would be available to level 20 guilds. Is that so bad?

Here’s a comparison of what Higher Authority has, and what we might have under the system I posit:

  Current Model Potential Model
Level 2 Fast Track (Rank 1) Fast Track (rank 1)
Level 3 Mount Up Mr. Popularity (Rank 1)
Level 4 Mr. Popularity (Rank 1) Fast Track (rank 2)
Level 5 Cash Flow (Rank 1) Cash Flow (Rank 1)
Level 6 Fast Track (Rank 2) Mr. Popularity (Rank 2)
Level 7 Reinforce (Rank 1) Mount Up
Level 8 Hasty Hearth Mobile Banking
Level 9 Reinforce (Rank 2) Hasty Hearth

That’s an awfully different look, don’t you think? We wouldn’t have Reinforce at all, and instead would already be supporting our reputation and profession grinds. And that might make our little guild more appealing to Mr. Devilmaycare, if the level 14 guild picked all things to support a PvP or raiding environment.

And here’s another thought? What about giving us 30 perk options for our 24 points? Then max level guilds would not be created equally, and while some perks may become “must haves”, nobody will ding a pure raiding guild for not picking up PvP options. You could add in items like rank 2 of For Great Justice, upping the Valor point drop rate; or a rank for accruing Conquest points.  How about a second rank of Mobile Banking, letting you open your own bank as well?  There’s a lot of opportunity here to give guilds the ability to be dynamic and show off a little bit of their personality in a glance at their armory page.

If you could have Blizzard’s ear about creating a new guild perk, what would it be?

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  1. I appreciate the mention Shoryl. I initially thought that’s what Blizzard had intended in terms of Guild perks – having a tree with ranks. It’s a nice idea, too bad that’s not the way it works though. I agree for a small Guild you’re doing great. It took us ages to get to L13 where we are now. Keep at it though and you’ll get there 🙂

    • We’ll get there if for no other reason than some of us not only have alt-itis, but are not necessarily against deleting a level 50 toon we don’t like to play…

  2. Thinking of it, guild perks don’t play nice with small guilds. I do remember myself craving for G-Mail (level 17) when my guild was only level 7 and we had only a few members keeping the guild going.

    I used to think, when we had few members, “we are still low, just hang in there. a few more levels and we will be more attractive to more players”. Guess what? I was right. We are level 23 now and most nights we have between 9 to 14 people online. And we got most people through trade chat while some others we PUGed with and then they joined us. Fortunately, most of these players have sticked with us and fit in well.

    I realize its gonna be hard for you to reach the higher levels fast, but it will feel more rewarding to you and the people you have with you right now. Also, I think that if you want to recruit more players, being a low level guild is not all bad cause some of them might get attached to the guild they grew with. I know I did with my guild and I only joined when they were level 4 while some of the more massive guilds were already hitting 20.

  3. This is such a clever idea! Hopefully your guild level doesn’t discourage *all* new recruits.

  4. great write up on guild perks, and let me tell you from my time with a level 20 guild. All of them perks dont mean a thang if you guild is full to the brim with people that almost never log in. In the guild Im in we have over 350 people registers and of that we have 108 lvl85 toons. And yet its is still impossable to get even an ocasunal raid going. And next to imposable to get any 5 mans runing. So Its not the size of the guild it is the qualty of the people in it. I for one love 5 man dungens and I am still stuck with the Lfg tool almost all the time. you wouold think a guild would want to run with a healer they know and can trust to keep them alive. but again Like I said its all ablut the quality of the people in the guild. With the way blizz set up the perks it is the ones with the most people that grow the fastes and get the better perks faster. and what would it hurt a lvl20 guild to have mass rezz or even a lvl15 if they have a use for it.

  5. Great post, I love the guild talent tree concept!

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