It was pointed out to me recently that there’s a lot of misconceptions about people who play WoW in tiny guilds. The general assumption is that these players are less serious about playing the game. Being in a guild that can barely put together enough active toons to get the raid achievements for previous expansion raids is assumed to be a guild full of individuals who barely play.

That may seem true, but it isn’t always the case. In some cases, like ours, we have a few players who are incredibly dedicated to their toons, and others who… aren’t so much.  In our little group of 15 players, we have a high school student, a project manager, a truck driver, an accountant, a stay-at-home dad, an IT guy, a welder, and a surgeon.  As you may have guessed from that list, work happens. Almost none of us are actually able to schedule to play consistently on any day of the week. But, at the same time, a level 8 guild doesn’t get That’s a Lot of Travel Time with a group of players who aren’t serious about their time.

Take the truck driver, for instance. He has 3 level 85 toons, organizes our level 85 instance runs, and works 50 hours a week on his short week at work.   The welder? Welding is shift work. Currently, he works 2nd shift, so can’t join us for much, but he plays while most of the rest of us are at work. (He has two level 85 toons, and several between levels 60 and 70)

In spite of the issues with not being able to play together much, we all have something in common – we love to play WoW. We get achievements, we get guild achievements. We play how we want to play when we can and want to. And we come together under the Higher Authority of fun. (Not the fun Ghostcrawler talks about, but the fun we create!)

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  1. It’s always nice to find a group of people who share your playstyle and ideals. Sounds like you all work well together and around each other. Best of luck leveling that guild, and welcome again to BA!

  2. Thanks! I’m looking forward to some of the shared topics and other things on BA.
    I do love the crew in my guild, but I get frustrated by people saying I don’t play seriously because I neither raid nor PvP. Or because my guild isn’t level 25.

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