Getting Guild Achievements in a Tiny Guild

I’ve talked a little bit about this here and there, but realized I’ve never talked about it in the context of what it really means to get a guild achievement to a tiny guild.

We’ve completed several achievements. The easy ones, like the dungeon achievements (complete x dungeon in a guild group) aren’t so hard. It’s not all that difficult to get 3 people together to run through an instance. Heck, we’ve got two standing guild 5-man nights to take care of those.

But then, there’s the ones that can take a while for even the biggest guilds. The ones where the guild needs to craft a whole lot of things, or kill a whole lot of things, or complete a really large number of quests.  We’ve completed a half dozen of these, and the two I’m most proud of: Critter Kill Squad and That’s a Lot of Travel Time.

Back in July, I realized we were getting close to having killed 50,000 critters. I think we were probably around 47,000. Our regular Sunday group for 5-mans got done early, and so the 5 of us decided to go and kill some critters for a while. We had found a spot off the coast of Borean Tundra where we could get instant respawns on penguins… meaning the faster we killed them the faster they would respawn and we could kill them again. Three paladins, a rogue and a hunter on three small islands spamming their AoE abilities can kill a lot of penguins. We were amassing around 50 a minute.

Then one of our less frequent players came online. We asked if she wanted to join us. We had about 1500 to go at that point. By the time we got her there, we were down under 1000. A sixth member of the group shot our numbers up to nearly 100 penguins a minute. Those last few minutes were, bar none, some of the best guild camaraderie I’d yet seen. Getting that achievement was almost as exciting to us as a first kill on a raid boss.

Let’s fast-forward a bit, to the beginning of October. I made a post on the guild boards saying that we’d been moving right along with That’s a Lot of Travel Time, and that if the Hallow’s End candy bucket quests counted towards the regular quest count, we’d likely finish during the month of October. Well, those quests did count, and I think a few people did a few more candy buckets than they might have otherwise – because we got the achievement on October 27th.

Now, I want you to think about this. 15 people, only 4 of whom are very active at all, got 25,000 quests (not including daily quests) completed in less than one year. Luckily, we all have altitis, so we all almost always have a toon that’s not at max level to play. But it still remains that that’s a lot of quests for only a few people to complete.

But there’s another interesting thing about my guild, and these achievements. One of two things consistently happens when we’re working seriously towards an achievement. Either it gets completed while I’m not online, or everyone will get it to within one of completion and stop, giving me the honor of finishing it.  I think the only reason it didn’t specifically happen with Critter Kill Squad is because we were killing them so fast it was impossible to simply stop at the right time.

The thing about these kinds of Achievements in a tiny guild, though, is that someone has to want to get them done. They don’t get touched otherwise. We have 107 PvP kills. I suspect the majority of them are from people working towards completing the various holiday achievements.  

I make a post every week on our guild boards about our progress towards completing the guild achievements. That post helps to drive what I put into the guild message.   I’m an accountant in real life, and it translates into those posts. I not only provide a list and progress, I also keep track of our completion percentages, which achievements we made the most progress on, and even the “total completion” percentage.    When something gets to within 10% of the goal, I start hawking it in the guild message of the day. I’m even thinking about holding events when some of the achievements get closer, so that we can have a large group effort again.  

These things are fun for our guild, and sometimes we work hard on our achievements. Other times, we just let them tick along in the natural progression of our daily activities.

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  1. “Other times, we just let them tick along in the natural progression of our daily activities.”

    Which is why most of us are still running around with Creepy Crates out, passively working on Crittergeddon.

  2. I know how you feel about these. Although we haven’t managed to do all the Cata dungeons yet either. The last memorable one that took quite a bit of effort was the first flask achievement.

    One set of achievements I’m particularly proud of though were the PVP ones where you have to kill one of each race/class. It took 2 of us to do it since there were only 2 of us in the Guild at the time but boy did it feel good when we finally got it done 😛

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