My Take on Pandaria

If you pay any attention at all to WoW news, you know that the next expansion is going to be Mists of Pandaria. And, of course, it’s all the buzz for the moment, while we wait for patch 4.3 to drop.

For me, the things that are being discussed aren’t that big of a deal. They’re changing the talent system – OK, I’m going to have to respec again. I have to respec pretty much every expansion anyway. At least this time I’ll only have 5 points at the beginning to use, not 25 or 30. 

They’re adding a new race, Pandarins, and a new class, monks.  I’d like to see the starting area for Pandarins, and maybe see what happens if I pick either Horde or Alliance; but otherwise I’m not particularly attached to the pandas, nor, however, am I in an uproar over a race that most people seem to think was a joke at one time. (I’m lead by WoW Insider to understand that they were present in Warcraft III, however). Monks? I’d also like to try one, but not until the rest of the world has gotten done making theirs.  I do believe in trying every class at least once, anyway.  My problem with these additions, however, is that I can only have 10 characters on a server right now. And that…. well, I have 4 level 85 toons (two paladins, a druid and a hunter) who I don’t want to abandon. I’ve also got a level 50 shaman, who I hope to get back to, and a level 47 warrior who has my Zhevra. I don’t want to lose them, either. Finally, I have my level 33 Priest, who is telling the story of the dwarven dungeon crawl. She’s definitely off limits.

My other three toons are debatably expendable – a low level rogue I’m playing for my love’s benefit when she can’t play (on our TV, but I need to work on resolution issues there.) A low-level troll we rolled up to see the new troll starting area, but also who we created because female trolls are really hard to find during certain holidays. Thanks, Blizzard. And, finally, my most expendable character – a gnome warrior. I’d really just rather have the ability to create more characters on one server – I never play anywhere else, even though I have a few toons scattered across the realms.

There’s the companion pet combat system that’s being put into place. I’m curious about that, but it seems like a sideline to me. I may end up with a pet or two that I adore fighting with or I might hate the system. It really all boils down to whether it’s PvP exclusive, or if there’s PvE methods of using the pets.

But, what I’m really interested in, bar none, is Scenarios. We know virtually nothing about them, and I want to know more. To be fair, I haven’t gone digging; partially because there’s only a few sites that I’d trust to have only the facts, or at least well documented tin-foil hat moments. And I can’t get to most of those sites at work. And when I’m home, in front of my computer? Well, I’d rather play WoW than read about it. Thanks.

Am I excited about the new expansion? For the most part, yes. It’s new content, and I’m truly hoping that it will be a balance between the on-rails questing of Cataclysm that I don’t prefer and the almost complete lack of organization to questing that we saw in Classic and Burning Crusade. I think Wrath had a pretty good balance.  I will admit, though, that Cataclysm told the epic story reasonably well. Even if they only really told the whole story to the Horde. 😛

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  1. Pandaria will bring me back to the game for a little while, because I GET TO BE A GIANT KICK-ASS PANDA! 🙂

  2. Shameless Guild Plug: If you come back, and are not tied to other realms, you can come hang with us on Ysera. The most pressure you’ll get (I promise!) is me complaining about not being able to hang with the Mikey when/if you decide you’re bored or busy with other things.

  3. What I’ve seen about the pet battles earns them the PokeWoW moniker. But I’m kinda excited about it because it’s going to be turn-based. Which will likely make me at least try.

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