Zone by Zone Achievement guide for Azeroth and Outland

There are a lot of guides out there for everything from how to level your professions to the best way to prepare yourself to raiding. There are leveling guides. There are guides for pet and mount collectors.  There are guides for completing individual achievements, even the Meta ones.

But what there is not (that I have found) is a comprehensive guide per zone of achievement information.  I am going to attempt to compile one. Hopefully this will go a bit better than my detailed guides to the dungeons, but maybe one day I’ll get back to those.

For now, because it’s how I roll, I’ll be focusing on Alliance. Maybe when I’m done with this I’ll be able to work on a Horde guide, too. We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.  (if you are an avid Horde player and would like to help out with guides, feel free to give me a yelp.)

I haven’t yet  decided what order I’m going to do the guides in, but I do know that I’ll be breaking out the achievements by the same sections found in your achievement list: General, Quest, Profession and so on.

How often these guides will come out will be dependent on a number of things, including research time and other interesting things going on in the game. Likely, they will be a part of my weekly Tuesday posting schedule.  If you’re coming back for reference, and don’t want to wade through my whole blog line, have no fear. I’ll be trying to keep copious tags, or you can use the spiffy new category Achievement Guides in the sidebar.  Happy hunting everyone!


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