Love-Hate Relationship with the RNG

Almost everyone thinks they’re the most unlucky player ever when it comes to the ubiquitous RNG; and I’m no exception. It became a joke in my old raid group that when Shoryl finally got her Lawbringer Boots, that we would finally be stable. Shoryl didn’t get her boots until mere weeks before the three allied guilds created a new raiding guild that would be fed from the others. I guess we became a stable raiding team.

Recently, however, I’ve been reminded of the curious form of Murphy’s Law that is the RNG. Sonaira and Shoryl have been running the Coren Direbrew fight in an attempt to get Shoryl the two mounts. Day after day, there was no luck. Then yesterday, Sonaira opened her keg, and had not one, but both of the mounts in it. And another epic on top of that.  She put on one of the mounts only long enough to get the achievement, while I sullenly purchased some hops to get my achievement.  I’ll admit I was happy for her, but because of how you get those mounts, she couldn’t offer up our normal method of dealing with pets and mounts. She gets the pets first, I get the mounts first. Nice and easy when there’s a roll involved.

A year ago, Shoryl got a Sinister Squashling. Kerridwen also has one, and so does Taoiseach. Taoiseach has had to destroy at least  one. Neither Arianrose nor Sonaira have a Squashling. She has been mostly gracious about it. But I also quickly change pets whenever my random pet summoning addon summons the Squashling. There’s having the pets, and rubbing her face in it. I try not to do the latter.

Currently, one of my guildies is running Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, working on creating Sulfuron, Hand of Ragnaros. He originally ran it for the raid achievement, got the left binding of the Windfury, and decided he might want to make that.  Last week, he got the Eye of Sulfuras. He’s got everything he needs for the Hand except the Blood of the Mountain and Sulfuron Ingots. Even though he’s run Molten Core at least a half dozen times (probably more, I haven’t been keeping track), and Blackwing Lair several times, he has only managed to acquire one Blood of the Mountain, and it wasn’t even out of a Dark Iron node, which is where the majority of them purportedly come from.

And he’s seen at least two pairs of Lightbring Boots drop., but not on the run I went with him on. ‘Cuz I’m sure I’m going to get my Lawbringer boots for Transmogrification last. (Or… something. I’m not going to make predictions on a project I haven’t started yet.)

With all of this, you might ask where the Love part of the relationship with the RNG comes from? Well, have you ever looted an Epic BoE off of a world mob and gotten a bunch of gold off the auction house for it? I have. Or, and this is one of my favorites, I was working on my skinning and trying to get Arctic Furs to make my Chopper. I got my 525th point, and my 2nd fur on the same skin.  These things make us love the RNG. For a moment.


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  1. That damn squashling had better still be in the game this year, is all I have to say.

    I see your Brewfest mounts and raise you Anzu and Baron Rivendare’s charger, though. You know, the charger that dropped the second time we ran Strat – and hasn’t dropped since.

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