Finishing Big Things

Last week, I finished the Loremaster achievement on Kerridwen. I originally created this toon to see the new 1-60 content for Cataclysm, and leveled her from 1-61 on Kalimdor, completing the Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement in the process. Then I went to the Eastern Kingdoms, and did the same. After that,   I got all 6 of her professions up to 300 before heading out to Outland. Thanks to herbalism and archaeology, she was level 67 when she arrived in Hellfire Peninsula. I used the same methodology for tackling Outland (leaving at level 79), before moving to Northrend, and did the same there, though I exited Northrend at a mere level of 83.

Since I just finished Loremaster of Cataclysm, and with it  Loremaster, my plan of attack ought to be to get her professions up, right? Well, her herbalism has been at 525 since before she even left Northrend, and I decided to switch from skinning to alchemy (since I don’t have an alchemist in my Alliance stable) which means a do-over of the whole thing. But I’m psychologically done with that model. I want my professions to be done, so I can go work on shiny achievements.

Is it because I didn’t really have a plan for when I finished Loremaster? Or maybe the fact that I finished the last three Cata zones in less than a week? It might be those things, or it might be that I just want something that feels like it’s moving along. Working on professions is kinda slow, more so if you don’t want to spend money on the materials to complete them more quickly. And archaeology, while fun in the moments that you get to create an artifact, is bloody boring in between times.

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