Transmogrification is all the buzz

With the next Patch (4.3), we’re getting a new toy. And everyone’s talking about it. Even the people who don’t want to talk about it have to, because it’s getting that much buzz. (some of them say things like “Hey! We’re getting other stuff, why can’t we talk about that, instead of a cosmetic-only feature?) 

In some ways, I agree with them, but in others… well, I play a paladin who doesn’t raid. Because of that, I don’t get Tier gear, which means I end up looking a lot like the death knights (except my eyes don’t glow) and warriors. Our PvE solo play gear is awfully similar, if not the same. 

I’d love to look like a paladin while I’m playing. With shiny gold and silver armor, and an understated sword. Or maybe with gunmetal armor and an understated hammer?  So I like the idea of transmogrification. Therein, however, lies a bit of a problem. I don’t raid, so I don’t have raiding gear lying around collecting dust and taking up bag slots. My main paladin now isn’t the one I raided on, so even if she did still have her raiding gear, it wouldn’t be on the toon I actually want to look all shiny. 

I really only plan to do transmogrificaation on Shoryl, because my druid is almost always in one of her forms, and my hunter has unique equipment (for the most part) so she still looks like a hunter.

What do I plan to do? I currently only want two sets of armor, one of which I can get with patience, and the other of which I *think* I can get with patience and the help of a few guildies. I want Tier 1, and Tier 7.

Except I don’t want banana shoulders. I don’t show my helm, so the stupid little “wings” on the Tier 1 helm doesn’t matter to me. I’ve already saved the House Wrynn Claymore, a nice, clean-lined 2-handed sword. But I need different shoulders. Finding something that looks good, and is, well *smaller* than the banana shoulders is what I’m after. Has to be plate, as that’s the current limitation. Sadly, the perfect set I’ve already done the quest for, so I can’t get those.  I’d love to be able to change the skin on my current shoulders, but alas, I see no options there.

Having posed this question on WoW Insider, though, The lovely Anne Stickney has provided me with the perfect answer.  I will be getting the Field Marshall’s Lamellar Pauldrons.  While I don’t PvP, for little things like this, you can run Outland Heroics and get Honor points. (Or do Northrend world PvP dailies).  So my Lightbringer set will be sporting a lovely lion shoulder motif!  I’m stoked (now I just have to get into MC and spank some bosses until they drop my gear.)

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  1. Yup, those is good choice. You could also prolly earn enough HPs from a single BG, even if ya lose.

    Some other ideas – all of the T1, T2, and D1/2 sets got repainted and stashed in the level 70 dungeons in Outland (sometimes heroic, sometimes normal too. depends). No class restrictions, so’s ya could get them spiky warrior T1s and look just like Saurfang, if’n ya wanted. Is also the starter 70 pvp gear what ya buy from the TBC faction vendors – had them a basic but functional look to’em. If’n yer feeling fancy, the Season 4 armor can be bought fer not much more HPs than the Field Marshall’s. Buy’em from the same bugger, even.

    Anywho, lucks gettin’ the look ya want!

  2. I actually already have the whopping 70 honor points required to get the shoulders I want – acquired through outland heroics while grinding reputation. That’s the easy part this time around.

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