Guild Bank Stuff – It’s like that one closet

When I inheritted the guild, it came with four tabs in the guild bank. I added a fifth, because we were amassing stuff, and I wanted to keep that stuff organized.   And what happened? More stuff.

Shortly after that, Sonaira and I started minimizing our posessions in our personal lives. We got rid of books, clothes, stuff that would be more useful to someone else than us. We sold some items and gave others away.  Since Sonaira also functions as the guild’s bank officer, she decided to apply some of the principals we used to downsize our real lives to first her own toons’ banks, and then she turned to the guild bank.

She and I go back and forth about the stuff in the guild bank. “We don’t need that, nobody is using it!” she tells me. “But I want it to be available if someone needs a little bump for their professions.”  And then we discuss, and we come up with an appropriate amount of stuff that nobody seems to ever use. 

Every time Sonaira complains that the guild bank is getting messy, I tell the guild to use the stuff. If they don’t use it, it gets auctioned/vendored, and the gold goes back into the guild coffers. Of course, they don’t use it, so Sonaira cleans out, auctions, and puts money back into the guild. And then the members fill the bank back up again.

About a week ago, I had a bit of an epiphany about what to do with all that stuff. You see, there’s guild achievements now, and some of those profession achievements will take a small guild like ours aeons to finish, unless we can come up with a way to get, say, cheap greens to DE for Dust, Dust and More Dust. Well, we have all this cloth, and ore, and leather just sitting around gathering dust. So we spent some time crafting up all those things into greens. And turning around and disenchanting them.

It worked a treat. The guild bank is empty (for the moment), and Dust, Dust and More Dust has gotten a healthy bump to its statistical completion.  While I was at it, I went through all the gems in the guild bank of appropriate quality, and cut them to work on Gemcrafters Extraordinaire… and Sona’s Death Knight spent some time milling, making inks, and producing a nice little stock of glyphs… which are currently hanging out in the guild bank, but will likely get liquidated at some point in the future.

I’ve heard that the accumulation of stuff in guild banks is not the bane of only small guilds, or only non-raiding guilds, but a problem that every guild faces at some level.  Sure, we could have 7 or 8 or 9 or however many the maximum number of guild bank tabs is and have enough “space” for everything, but people would still put stuff in the bank that we don’t necessarily need. What then?

I’m personally kinda proud of our solution to the problem of stuff just sitting around. We’re an achievement guild, so it seems totally appropriate to me that we should use what is donated to do the achievements. Now, about that stuff that can’t be disenchanted, cooked up into tasty treats, or sold on the auction house? Well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Too bad guilds can’t create goody bags like Marcia Chase or Catherine Leland give away. Cuz if I could do that, we’d get some very interesting prizes for various contests…

I think it might be time for Shoryl to go buy some ribboned wrapping paper.


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