A Big Downside to the Tiny Guild

Higher Authority has recently run into the biggest problem that tiny guilds have: what happens when one of the most active members either leaves or is not available for a time.

Due to Real Life concerns, one of our most active (possibly our most active) member is taking a forced hiatus from the game. While this wouldn’t affect a larger guild, even one just twice our size (which would be 8 active members), boils down to, frankly, a lot getting put on hold.

Since our missing member has two of only 10 level 85 toons in the guild (two of which have not been touched for four months, and two others of which are alts of two of the active members) our level 85 dungeons are either on hold, or require a PuG.  With the ability to bring in Real ID friends from other servers, we may be able to get around that, but it’s going to be a little slow going for a little while.

The dwarven dungeon crawl is completely on hold right now. I have another member potentially levelling another dwarf, but she is not incredibly active, and she hasn’t contacted me to bring the toon into the guild, so I’m not entirely sure that’s going to happen. Additionally, we need a tank, which we’re not really comfortable picking up randomly for this event. We’ll see what happens in the future.

Now, if I were a different sort of guild master, I’d probably be hitting my officers up to get some recruiting going, but I hate recruiting myself, and so do my officers, so it’s not particularly likely to actually happen.  All said, though, it may be time to put some fresh feelers out there, and hope we can get a bite or two. 

Just to bring this post around to a happy ending, though… in spite of being down one of our most active players, We cleared AQ40 with a 4-man, and completed Critter Kill Squad in a two-hour session of killing penguins with 5 players. Not a bad couple of weeks, really.

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