A Bit about gaming in general

There are a lot of people out there who say that WoW is on the decline. The “facts” sited include

  • Subscription numbers are reported to be down from the release of Cataclysm (While this is true, I don’t beleive that subscription numbers are down from the end of Wrath of the Lich King overall)
  • It has become prohibitively expensive to purchase the original game and all of the expansions (This one is debatably true. Whether it is actually true is left to the individual who has to buy all the games.)
  • The WoW community has become such a cesspool of mannerless twits hiding behind anonymity that no one new will stick around. (A pure opinion)
  • The latest expansion just didn’t have as much new content as others have. (not true at all)

 Any of these things may be true, except the amount of new content released with Cataclysm, but there’s also one thing that stands out in my mind as an inidcator that WoW is not dieing, at least not yet:  Blizzard is not shutting down or merging servers.  Sure, there are still low-population servers, and no, I don’t believe Blizzard had to open up any new realms with this expansion. But the first sign that an MMO is actually losing a significant amount of the player base, to me, is when servers start getting shut down.  When physical resources are taken away from a system because they are no longer needed, that system is getting smaller.

My own gaming history is oddly checkered. I’ve never really been a console gamer, until my partner brought her love of console games into my consciousness. I still don’t play them much.  I’ve played PC games since I was a youngster and those games were all text-based. I have fond memories of an archaic golf game that my grandfather had on his Wang desk computer.

I played the Bard’s Tale trilogy until my 486 died, and then I moved on to Civilization II, which I played until I upgraded my computer and ended up with Windows Vista.  I’ve played WoW since early Vanilla (around 4 months after release), and I probably won’t quit playing until I can’t figure out some new way to play. And even then, I may still play so long as the servers are up.

I rarely check out other games while I’ve got something that I love enough to play every day.  Apparently, for an avid gamer, I’m actually an odd bird. Almost everyone else know who considers themselves an avid gamer plays at least 2-3 different games regularly, but not me.


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