Patch Day – a Love-Hate Relationship

Today is Tuesday, and today we’re getting the 4.2 patch. There’s a lot of mixed emotions about this patch. Some say it didn’t come fast enough; others complain that it doesn’t have this, that, or the other thing they wanted.  Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with patch days, sadly, more on the grumpy side.

Patches generally mean new endgame content, which is great and all, but the last two patches have also been dropped in the middle of an in-game holiday.  For a lot of people, that doesn’t really matter, but for me, Shoryl is a newish 85, and that means she hasn’t gotten many of the holiday meta achievements. Luckily, though, I finished Midsummer up yesterday.

What I am excited about this patch is the new daily hub, complete with my own personal phased world tree. But, because I hate the crowds with the new content, it’ll still be a couple of weeks before I get out there. In the meantime, Shoryl is plugging away at Loremaster of Northrend along with Sonaira… unless we’re letting the outland daily heroic/dungeon quests determine our course of action towards rep gains there.

See, I have plenty to do, even without the patch. I don’t get the people who gobble up the new content so fast that they get bored before the next thing comes out, but then, I have 10 characters, and only two of them are level 85. You’d think that I’d have gotten more of them up there in all this time, but I keep changing my mind and starting them over here and there, not to mention the server change about a year and a half ago or so.

But today is a patch day, which means I probably don’t get to play WoW at all tonight – my most hate part of the love-hate relationship.


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