Shy players in a Tiny Guild

One of my guild’s most active players is incredibly shy. I’m not talking about my co guild leader, who is also shy. I’m talking about a member who is so shy that he rarely says anything in guild chat before someone else speaks up.  When the guild had a couple more active players and a Vent server, he never signed on there to chat.  We hardly knew anything about him, except that he was going to college.  

He’s always more than willing to help, and almost always joins in on any guild event that someone else cooks up – regardless of how zany or serious it might be. He has altitis that makes mine look like a couple extra characters. 

Over the past few months, though, we’ve gotten the most wonderful treat of seeing him come out of that shell.  First, it was the weekly 5-mans for our 85s. The guild’s tank wanted to go back into tanking slowly, and so PuGging was right out. I’m a pally who didn’t even 5-man in Wrath (I rather disliked the expansion as a whole), and so I had no skill with crowd control. Our healer was rusty.   All these things led to starting with Blackrock Caverns and moving our way up. We’re not into heroics yet, but we’re progressing pretty steadily. 

Our wallflower rogue joined the team, and has been reliable. He’s learned his sapping skills, and we’ve watched him grow from one of those rogues (you know who they are) to a pretty solid guy with good rotation. He’s still working on situational awareness, but he’s putting my cautious playstyle to shame these days.  

Then, I noticed that the guild was seriously lacking in dwarves, and started the Dwarven Dungeon Crawl. He signed up as soon as he heard about it, and brought us not one, but two toons to choose from, based on who’s able to attend.  We started using Skype for these runs (it’s free, there’s five of us, it works. Sh’up.) and one of my officers helped him set it up. 

Shortly after I started these runs, he asked me if my leatherworker could help his 85 rogue out with some gear. I could make him a cloak – she’s not all that advanced in her skills, and where she is, it’s for her own mail gear. Then he casually mentioned that he got a new hat. He’s changed his spec. And now he’s working on getting his item level up to be able to run heroics.   I’m sure the guild groups are what provided him with the impetous.

But still, you can do all that and still be a wallflower. Except if you’re painfully shy, opening that Dungeon Finder tool is still scary… at least I’ve heard that. I’m not nearly that shy.

Here is where the exciting part comes in: The other night, he suggested a new guild activity. After all, we’re a guild with altitis, right? We are. That guild activity is Worgen Wednesdays. We teased him a little bit about the choice of name, but then immediately followed up by suggesting that he toss it on the calendar and see if anybody bites.  I haven’t looked in the past day or two, but I suspect he’s got a couple of tentatives and an official “signed up”.  I know I said I’d come along.

Now this is not like the Dwarven Dungeon Crawl, or the Sunday Cata runs. This is about blowing the bejeezus out of dungeons. With (mostly) Worgen.  I’m sure there will be paladins collecting everything up and using Holy Wrath and Divine Storm with reckless abandon. At least, if I’m the 85 on, that’s how I’m going to do it. 🙂

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