The Ship

We watched a little longer, and Cordagan said “They’re not aiming. See those scorch marks? That’s where the cannonballs are landing over and over again.” 

Vi ran forward, skirting the first blackened and smoldering section of dock to the right. As he ran, a large, colorful bird dove at him from the sky. We dispatched it quickly, but were beset by several of the birds all along the dock, while we tried to race past the scorched spots. 

Having arrived at the gangplank, I noted that no one was trying to turn their cannons toward us.  Vi barely paused but said as he ran up the plank “We’ll go to the right, there’s a scaffold that looks like it goes all the way to the top!” As we dispatched the squallswabbers and privateers, I took up manning the cannons, but turned them inward towards the would-be pirates. As we moved along the side of the boat, I would abandon a cannon for the next one down the row, after using my staff to  lever the remaining cannonballs over the edge. It wouldn’t do for our enemies to sneak up behind us.

We made it to the scaffold, and I thought it would become tricky, but the Defias were, like the ogres and goblins before them, foolish enough to hang back, hoping that those before them would manage to finish us off. Even villainous humans seem to underestimate a group of dwarves!  They even allowed me (well, I’m guessing none of them actually saw me) to ransack a sturdy-looking chest that was waiting to  be moved on board.

On the verge of climbing atop the ship, Vi paused for nearly the first time the entire trip through the tunnel. He was certainly one stalwart dwarf! He whispered, “Looks like an admiral, wit that hat.”

Kaide responded, chiding, “You’re not afraid of a Worgen, are you? I don’t think they infect dwarves. Just Night Elves and humans as far as anyone knows.”

Vi looked at her sidelong, “You don’t think I’m Cob, now, do you? I’m not afraid of anybody… Okay, maybe Deathwing. But this chump? Let’s go!” And he was racing in, screaming some sort of battle cry as he ran. 

The chump, however, had some sort of ability to bring a fog up around us, and he would disappear in it. The really annoying part of the fog, however, was that it would begin to coalesce into spectre-like vapors. We killed those as fast as we could when we couldn’t get at the Admiral.  After a pretty intense fight, we were able to kill him, though, and the fog lifted, taking the remaing vapors with it.

We were just beginning to make our wait out, when the druid pointed toward the back of the cabin. I’d assumed it was the Admiral’s cabin, and that with his death, there would be no more threat. Vi turne to look  just as a rather large murloc threw a cookpot out into the middle of the deck. Cordagan just barely dodged it.

Then the murloc ran forward, and leapt into the pot. I was still a little confused, but it started throwing food at me, which, in my book, is like attacking. Especially since some of the food was rotten! I did pick up a bit of ham that wasn’t, though, and somehow it made my spell-casting more efficient. I decided if anything else that actually looked good got tossed my way, I might as well take advantage of it. And trust me, you grow up hanging around taverns in a city like Ironforge, and you learn how to do all kinds of things while you’re eating your supper! Casting shadow-bolts in between the periodic morsels was no difficulty whatsoever.

Once we’d killed the Murloc, that ridiculous inspector wandered in and started ordering people around like he owned the place! Some nerve. I’m going right to the Visitor’s Bureau in Stormwind during our next recuperation period, and make sure they know he’s paying adventurers and probably taking all the credit. You just can’t do that sort of thing in Ironforge. At least, you couldn’t while Magni was still king.

Having finished what we set out to do in the Deadmines, we returned to Ironforge through the expedience of a portal provided by a mage lackey of the Inspector’s. I went directly to my trainer, I felt that I’d learned quite a lot during the expedition, and I wanted to know if he had anything more to teach me. Sure enough, he did, and also told me that Muradin was proud to have heard we had succeeded in our first foray. Muradin Bronzebeard! That’s even more exciting than Magni knowing who I am!

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