Our First Foray (Dwarven Dungeon Crawl)

I arrived at the Ironforge bank at the time we had planned to meet. Cordagan had told me earlier that he might be late, but to try and find someone else amongst the Alliance to help us, should he be unavailable.   Violetviper was there when I arrived, dancing on top of the mailbox. I shook my head, and went inside the bank to check and see if anyone may have checked in items for the guild’s use that I would find beneficial.

I was nervous, and didn’t want Vi to know. While I had successfully gained enough skill that others assured me I could be successful, the first time you do something is always the scariest. Not to mention, letting the Light decide where we would go meant we wouldn’t have any real way to prepare ourselves.   Kaide arrived, and reassured me, reminding me that she had the ability to ressurect me should the worst happen.

We waited for a while after the appointed time, but Prada was nowhere to be found. Kaide and I got bored with standing around and waiting, so we also began to dance. while we waited, Cordagan arrived. Without Prada, I asked Vi if his brother was available. Unfortunately, for the sake of their mother, the boys had promised they would never go adventuring together. I didn’t ask why. Vi, however, did say that he could lead in Prada’s absence. And so I conjured the Light within me and stretched it out towards the others, to see where it would take us and who would be joining us.

We found ourselves standing in front of a human with the title of Inspector. He told us that we were in a tunnel that had been the hideout of the Defias, which appeared to still be in use, in spite of the dismantling of most of the far-reaching human gang. Briege had told me stories of how almost daily for quite some time various members of the Defias had been being captured and taken to Stormwind City. With so many captured, and their leader dead from bands like ours, how could the Defias have maintained this place? But here they were. And goblins were throwing bombs at a narrow spot in the tunnels, keeping the Inspector near the entrance, cowering. Silly human.

Along with this Inspector and his friends, there was a night elf. The Inspector outfitted each of us with a gnomecorder, presumably to let us do the dirty work while they stayed in the relative safety of the area they’d staked out for themselves. Silly humans. He was a druid, and transformed into his powerful cat aspect as we dodge between the bomb strikes. As it turned out, while they were of goblin construction, they were being thrown inexpertly by gnolls. There were also ogres, but no Defias that we could see.

We made our way relatively cautiously down the tunnel. A short way in, I started manning a cannon that had previously been manned by a gnoll (now dead). We slipped past several groups who didn’t seem inclined to raise any alarm. And then we were faced by Glubtok, who the Inspector had said was a bit of a tricky ogre. Silly human. Ogres, even their magi, aren’t particularly cunning. We prepared ourselves. Glubtok was apparently content to let us come to him.   And Vi struck. I stood at a distance, casting my shadowy spells and trying to stay out of harm’s way.

Then Glubtok was suddenly next to me. In the heat of the moment, Breige’s sage words came to me, and I followed them without hesitation “go to your leader. Always go to your leader if they start to attack you.” Vi was right there, and shouted something at Glubtok, forcing him to try and beat Vi down again.Once or twice, this happened again, with Glubtok going to Cordagan, then Kaide, and even to the unnamed night elf. This Glubtok was turning out to be more of a handful than I’d expected. But we were doing well. Kaide had a totem down that increased the power of Cordagan’s and my own spells. Vi was using his shield and sword expertly, and the druid was raking and biting at the ogres back.

Then Glubtok ran back to where he had started, and began to cast spells. They looked like intertwined fiery and icy lightning bolts, but were only at his sides. I stayed well back, while Vi and the druid raged before and behind him. Cordagan stayed back like I did. After just a few seconds, Glubtok changed tactics. I saw reddish orbs begin to form, and from them sprouted a fire wall between the healer, mage and myself and the druid and warrior. Then, when that dissipated, red and blue lights began to appear on the ground below us.

I knew that couldn’t be good, so I ran off the light as soon as they appeared, then continued to cast my spells. The others were doing the same, whether by following my lead or not, I don’t know. Moments after a light would appear, an explosion would occur on the red lights, and the blue lights puffed suddenly into what looked like permafrost. Trust me. Dwarves know what permafrost looks like. This must have been Glubtok’s last ditch efforts, for only a few moments of this, and he was dead.  Vi found a powerful two-handed mace in the corner, which we let him keep. The Inspector checked in with us at this point, happy to hear we’d managed to destroy Glubtok.

We pulled open the doors, and were met by… monkeys, chained to heavy balls, mining.  And goblins. I’m sure many of the goblins were doing something with explosives, but there was also a female goblin carrying around drinks for the others.  I didn’t know quite what to make of it, but the ones near us were attacking, so we fought back. We moved down this portion of the tunnel.

When we neared the doors, we were faced by a pair of Oafs. I didn’t know what they were, except uglier than ogres, until later. They were dispatched quickly, and we moved on to what had been called the mast room. And again, the Inspector spoke with us over our Gnomecorders. Apparently, he couldn’t tell us earlier that we might run into Helix Gearbreaker in here, but if we did, we should proceed with caution and kill him. We would, of course, be rewarded for our efforts. In my opinion, someone in Stormwind had best hear that this Inspector hasn’t lifted a finger to anything but his purse strings! Not that I’m complaining about being paid, just that if I’m going to continue to get paid, a little notoriety of the right variety might help. Especially since humans don’t seem to want to do anything for themselves, or at least not Inspectors. I suppose he was behind us inspecting our handiwork. But I doubt it, since we didn’t kill anyone who didn’t seem inclined to kill us. And certainly no monkeys that didn’t hit us first. I don’t think. Sometimes it was hard to see what Vi was doing.

Anyway, so we peered around the corner, and there Helix was, across the room, sitting on the head of a really big oaf. There were several oafs in the way, though, and we carefully pulled the oafs away from each other and Helix while Helix yelled at them to get us.  Since the oafs didn’t seem to catch on to the idea that there were five of them and five of us, and that they were all bigger than us, and… well, let’s just say they didn’t have enough brain cells to realize that they might have stood a chance if they’d tried to help each other out. Maybe they thought we’d leave them alone after we killed their buddies. Or something. I don’t know that they thought at all.

When we’d killed all the Oafs but the one Helix was sitting on, Vi charged in an started trying to get at Helix, but, being a dwarf, he couldn’t reach him. I tried casting my spells at Helix as well, but he somehow managed to make the oaf he was riding get in the way. We managed to kill the oaf without too much trouble, then Helix jumped on my head, trying to ride me around like I was stupid or something! Unfortunately, I couldn’t see, but I *could* still cast spells at him. Which I did.

After a little bit, Helix jumped onto Cordagan’s head, and he seemed to be having the same trouble I’d had. Another couple of jumps, including onto Kaide, and Helix fell over dead.  Nobody really wanted the Buzzer blade he had, but Cordagan said he thought he could sell it.  The Inspector chimed in once again, with a job well done, and a little cash. I wondered once again what a human “Inspector” does. Dwarves don’t have Inspectors that I know of.

Moving on, we finally saw some Defias, and Kaide complained that we weren’t getting very badly hurt. Vi offered to take off some of his armor, but she quickly declined, saying that she could use some of the other fighting skills she’d already been taught.   We made our way through the next section of tunnel to another door. There were ominous clanging sounds coming from beyond it. When we opened the doors, we understood why – it was a giant forge in the middle of rock. Do you have any idea how much racket that must have been when it was in full swing?

As soon as we opened the doors, goblins started racing past us, without heeding the fact that we might not be there to save them, screaming “It’s Alive!”  We made our way down the ramp, and saw several harvest golems, one of which didn’t seem to be functioning at all, but which was significantly larger than the others. Without much difficulty, we dispatched the first golem, and I noticed a seat in it, so I climbed up. It only had three controls besides the piloting stick, and I tested each of them, but in only moments it had shorted out so I hopped back out and went back to fighting with my spells.  Each time we killed one of the golems, an electrical bolt arced over to the big golem. (Hey! I’d been hanging out with the gnomes! That’s what they said it was).  I took the few precious seconds of life left in each of the smaller golems as they stopped fighting on their own and plowed them into their brothers.

When the last one of the little ones died, and its electrical charge dissipated, the big one came to life. Vi raced over to it, and tried his best to keep its attention, but maybe because it was mechanical, it didn’t seem to think he was as much of a threat as any of the rest of us. Periodically, it would race out of control across the area, and poor Kaide was forced to run over to make sure she could still heal Vi before he took too much damage.  Ultimately, however, we were victorious.

The doors from this room opened onto another section of tunnel much like the others we’d seen before. After dispatching more goblins and Defias, we were face to face with a door that wouldn’t budge. But there was a cannon next to it. The night elf hopped up and lit its fuse. A moment later there was a loud rapport as the cannon fired. Several sailors – no, pirates by the looks of them – raced towards us. We dispatched them as we had the other Defias who had come before.

Looking out the doorway, we saw the ship that Breige told me Edwin Van Cleef had had built in secret, right under Stormwind’s nose. Now, I’m not a sailor, and I’ve never been down to Menethil Harbor, or over to Stormwind, but that was a really big ship, bristling with cannons. That were being fired.

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