Guild Achievements in a Tiny Guild

I’ve touched on this topic before. My most active guild members are achievement junkies in one form or another.  Some end up getting achievements because they’re completionists, others because they collect things that can be acquired through achievements, or by acquiring them you get an achievement.  I suspect I’m not the only member of my guild with a mild case of OCD.

Guild achievements are an interesting case. There are many that can be worked on by toons of any level, like Critter Kill Squad or the various gathering profession achievements. Others require toons to be level 85, and some of those require some pretty dedicated resources.

Some of the guild achievements seem impossible when you look at them from the standpoint of a tiny guild. Let’s look at Stay Classy. To achieve this, you have to complete the six Classy race achievements for your faction. Since we’re an Alliance guild, those are Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Draenei and Worgen.  Luckily, the only requirement for each toon is for them to reach level 85.  That requires 45 level 85 toons. 6 of whom must be Death Knights. For a tiny guild with only four truly active members, that’s… impossible. For starters, we can only have 10 toons each. Even if each of us were to get 10 toons to level 85 (not necessarily a hard stretch,really), We’d have to carefully make sure we didn’t ever overlap any race/class combinations. Which is a problem since we all have pallies. Yes, all four of us have an alliance paladin.  Wait, remember that 6 Death Knights comment? Four players can’t have six DKs because we’re each only allowed one per server. So Stay Classy is currently impossible for our guild.

But.  How many guildies does it take to kill 6000+ critters in something around an hour? Well, that depends on where you go.  Sonaira and Shoryl located a spot just south of Coldarra (in Borean Tundra) where there are penguins on two ice ‘islands’. These two islands have what we refer to as an “always up” condition, which means that no matter what the normal spawn timer is between these islands, there must always be at least one living penguin on them.

Armed with this information, Sonaira and Shoryl each took an island and started killing. Two paladins could kill about 500 penguins an hour.  When a 5-man run fell through Memorial Day weekend, the three of us who were available went and worked on it some more. We got up over 3k in an hour with three of us.  Based on this information, we took our guild group of 5 this past Sunday to see what we could get done. About an hour later, we had amassed the best individual session of kills since Blizzard nerfed the “group count” bug. Had we only known about this spot when you still got a count for every member of your party in the guild, we’d have been done in a couple of hours!

The moral: Sure, some guild achievements are actually impossible for a tiny guild to accomplish. Others seem insanely daunting, but if you take some time, and some information, you can get the daunting ones accomplished and have fun doing it. After all, who’s ever going to steal the penguin kills of their guild leader? (The rogue, of course!)


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  1. …And of course, we’re really never going to be able to get Classy Rogues, because we currently have one player that doesn’t hate rogues so much as to refuse to roll one. Especially since your co-leader just realized she has one of every class *except* rogues.

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