Can five dwarves really level together?

In a tiny guild, sometimes one of the disadvantages is that one or two people have to come up with most of the ideas. If you’re lucky, you get several people who are willing to shout out for group activities. But when your five active guildmembers tend to play at slightly different times, that can be hard.  On the other hand, you can propose long-term stunts like having everyone roll a new dwarf (in a semi-coordinated fashion) for the purpose of leveling together. 

What you have to do:

First, you need to set a start date and timeframe so that everyone can decide whether they can commit. You also need to know how you’re actually going to do the leveling. We chose instancing, because we all have altitis, so we do quests on our own. Besides, have you ever tried to quest with 3 players running around together, much less 5? Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Next, you need to decide how to deal with someone not showing up.  Do you just not go that night, and do something else? Do you use the dungeon finder to pick up your missing spots, and just roll with it? Do you figure out a way for those who miss to catch up?

And then there’s extras that can also skew experience gains: heirloom gear, rested xp, and certain professions can cause your experience gains to skew.

We set up a group of rules for our event:

1. Get to level 15 on your own (or with a partner if you want) by our start date. We gave everybody two weeks, just because that’s how our schedule worked out.

2. Do not pick up professions that will net experience or use heirlooms.

3. If you miss, you will be replaced via the dungeon finder. You can make up your missed xp out in the world on your own in the interim period.

That’s it. Since we picked dwarves, we have a shaman, priest, paladin, mage and warrior. A nice blend of gearing options and only one class that doesn’t have two different roles, which will allow us to almost certainly always have a tank and healer, thus making any pugging we have to do much easier.

Starting in early June (our first run is June 2), I’ll be posting every other Saturday about how this little event goes.

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