It’s Okay to have a Tiny Guild

Every once in a while, I have to remind myself of this. And then I read about other guild leaders and the problems they have with drama. And I think “Yay! I have no drama in my guild.”

Okay, so sometimes I want to have more than four active players in my guild. Or even more than a half dozen players with level 85 toons in my guild. But, I can count on my players to not cause stress in my game-play.  We plan to run 5-man guild achievements like a lot of guilds plan to run their raids. And some nights we have to PuG someone in or go do something else.

And we’re only a level 5 guild. But I know that I earned a part of each and every one of those levels. And I know it when one of my players goes on a tear to finish one of the guild achievements.

A couple of weeks ago, we had nearly completed Making History. I’d been plugging it on the guild boards and in the message of the day for a couple of weeks, and I’d steadily watched the numbers go down. Then one night, I got on, and we had 22 to go.  I headed out to do some archaeology in Outland, where I hadn’t done much. As I completed each of my finds, I watch the guild count tick up. And it made me smile. We got to 480, and I changed the guild message of the day to indicate that we needed 20. Another guildie got on. A little while later, when I completed another project, I noticed that it had incremented while I was busy chasing down my next find. He was also doing archaeology. A bit later, there were four of us on, and we got to 10. And I started counting them down in the guild message of the day as I watched them tick off.

We got to 5, and I changed the message. And the count rolled over to 4. So I changed the message again. And it rolled over to 3, then 2, then 1. And each time I changed the message. Then we had the achievement. One of the guys had been saving his completions for when we got close enough that he could complete them as I changed the message. And, apparently, two of them were hoping to be the one to complete the last one.

Stuff like that might happen in big guilds, but it happens so fast that there’s no sense of wonder as it occurs.   At one point, earlier in that very evening, the guy who chose to do the count down for me had suggested we all stop. My partner and co-guild leader pointed out that we were close enough that I would probably stay up all night by myself and finish it so I could see it happen if they did.

My level 5 guild, BTW, has always rolled over the level when I’m offline.  I get on one day to discover that we’ve gotten our level, frequently when I was hoping to see it the next day.  Once, one of my guildies saw we were so close that he stayed up until 2am to finish it off all by himself. He normally gets offline around 8pm.

And that’s why it’s okay to have a Tiny Guild. Tiny Guilds might take longer to do some of the things that bigger guilds get done, but when you’re in a tiny guild, you know your contribution counts.


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