Anatomy of a PuG: Why Tanks are Know-It-Alls

Tanks are the defacto leaders of runs. They set the pace with their pulls, determine kill order, tell everyone what they need to do.   The tank will get blamed for every wipe in a PuG, regardless of who was doing what.  The hunter doesn’t turn growl off on his pet? The tank’s fault for not generating enough threat.  The mage lights up with AoE as soon as the tank hits his first target? The tank’s fault for not generating threat fast enough. The healer gets killed? The tank’s fault for not taunting the mob off the healer fast enough.

On top of that, the tank has to know what kind of crowd control every class has and what types of mobs it can be used on. And in PuGs, nobody ever bothers to provide the tank with that information about their class. No one says “hey, would you like me to banish that elemental?” Ever.

Tanks, instead, get statements like “Go this way, Noob.” or “Why’d you pull them, we can run through this circuitous route over the boxes and behind this lamp and not aggro them.”

So tanks have to be know-it-alls because no one else bothers to know as much; and if they do know it, they don’t divulge the information until the tank has done something without the information that would have been useful 5 minutes ago.

Add to that, if the tank announces at the beginning of the run that they don’t know the instance, or they’re new to tanking in groups, at least one person is going to drop group. How fair is that?

Why don’t we have people in PuG’s saying they can CC? We know that in Cata crowd control is king, so why aren’t people ponying up their abilities?  I didn’t know until my shaman got the ability that they have a hex spell. You better believe my tank is gonna know I have a CC ability this expansion.  Even as the healer, I can hex one thing at the beginning of the fight, or when it comes after me, and take a little bit of a load off not only the tank, but myself.

If you’re a tank out there, I commend you for your patience; for your ability to take pride in cleaning up other people’s messes. 

If you’re anybody else out there, learn your class, and if you know the instance like the back of your hand, offer advice withouth the obnoxious extra stuff. And maybe offer it early on? Maybe say at the beginning of the run “hey, I know this instance well, would you like me to handle directions?”  Tell your tanks what you can do, but if they don’t use that information, then it is on them, and so be it. 

If the community were a little bit nicer to tanks, we’d have a few more good ones out there plying the trade where we can get shorter queue times.  And for the Light’s sake, know your class!


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