This blog comes from all of the things I’ve been reading about World of Warcraft: what I have found lacking in the guides department; the joys and challenges I’ve faced as the leader of a tiny guild; and the musings of an alt addict.

My primary (main, if you must) toon is Shoryl. My guild is Higher Authority (US-Ysera), and at this moment in time, has a whopping 13 member accounts (49 member toons).

Shoryl is my second paladin, which has led to one of my personal memes: Everybody has a pally alt.  Taoiseach was my first paladin, and the one who gets the memories of raiding in vanilla. There’s a story about that, but I’ll save it for another blog post.

I’ll be posting once a week, on Tuesdays (to give people something else WoW-related to read while we can’t get into the game).   I plan to post on one of 3 rather broad topics each week:

  1. Instance Guides.
    Yes, I know there are a lot of instance guides out there. But they lack information for people who don’t have the support of a great big guild behind them. What does that trash do? What’s the fastest way to get to the achievement? So I’ll be perusing lots of other guides and resources, and posting my own, with pictures!
  2. Life in a Tiny Guild.
    Tiny guilds face some unique challenges, but also have some great benefits.
  3. A Perspective on Altitis.
    There are plenty of closet altaholics out there. Altitis is serious business, and managing your altitis is important for your success in WoW.

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